Andrew Gooch

Growth Director, WTA UK

Andrew has worked in freight forwarding and supply chain management for 20 years.

His experience in sea freight logistics and Customs compliance is challenging to match. Andrew leads a dedicated and passionate team in Felixstowe specialising in the areas of Customer Service, Customs Compliance, and Logistic Operations. Each day brings new challenges in this sometimes over-complicated industry, but Andrew firmly believes these tests are the key to ensuring that his talented team is always inspired and raring to go with any problem-solving.

Andrew has personally managed and implemented critical changes in several blue-chip companies’ logistic supply chains, ranging from the Food industry to sporting goods and anything in between.

Having been involved with the process management with many of these businesses, Andrew has delivered significant savings for his clients. Andrew has been able to do this by making fundamental changes in supply chain processes. In some cases, these changes have resulted in bottom-line savings of over £500k pa.

Pleased to receive feedback from customers, Andrew is always listening and looking for ways to add value to the service WTA provides. He is keen to share his knowledge and proactively anticipates his customers’ needs. Andrew is focused on improving the customer experience. His ability to listen, empathise and engage with customers is among the many reasons he is at the head of our customer success team.

Andrew has always had a passion for the industry and prides himself on making a complicated process simple. He loves the opportunity of managing and leading a bright, dedicated group of people in Felixstowe. With this bunch behind him, he will always be confident of being able to help your business achieve a more streamlined Logistics approach, identify savings in the supply chain, and delivering a second to none customer service experience.

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Andrew Gooch Growth Director WTA UK