Brexit - Is your supply chain ready for the bumpy road ahead.


The 31st of October might only be a couple of weeks away, but the reality of the situation is that you need to have your hard Brexit strategy in place now. Boris Johnson has made it very clear that a hard Brexit will happen if a deal cannot be reached by the 31st of October, not entirely sure how he will bypass the Benn Act but contingency plans need to be in place for a hard Brexit.  The UK government is telling us that they are still very much hoping for a deal but a lot of information is being generated to prepare us all for the worst-case scenario, is that if we leave the EU without an agreement we will default to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rulings, which means UK businesses will have to add customs, excise and VAT processes to goods traded with the EU, not only that there will be a return to border checks at the ports which will undoubtedly see a surge in delays.

Do you import or export to the EU?

If you export or import to the EU, then the below information will really assist you in your planning. 

  • Download the latest information from the Government for EU Traders only 
  • Check out the government's latest EU Brexit help page this is a very informative tool that covers all the basics to allow you to continue trading with the EU after Brexit. 
  • Key information regarding a possible 'no-deal" assisting you with preparing for what is going to happen at the borders if there is a 'no deal'. This is a far more detailed outline regarding the procedures and processes which are like to apply in a 'no deal' situation. 


WTA UK is well-positioned to deal with any outcome that Brexit delivers, we will ensure that all of our truckers have the necessary permits, we are ensuring that all of our clients have the best possible routings for their shipments, Plus we work very closely with our port handling agents to ensure that our customers receive preferential treatment.

We cannot stress enough that it is not too late to start preparing now.

Recently WTA was successful in regaining its AEO accreditation which gives us a trusted trader status giving a possible faster route to market for our clients. 

Our sister company Channel Ports have created a very comprehensive Brexit outline if there should be a 'No Deal'. There are two detailed reports focusing on importing into the UK from Europe or Exporting from the UK to Europe. Any questions you might have don't hesitate to contact our Brexit Director Dean Levey