WTA Group continues to monitor the coronavirus and the likely impact it will have on global supply chains. 

The latest updates will affect WTA China operations as follows:

  • WTA Shanghai - The office is open but most of our staff are still working from home.
  • WTA Shenzhen - The office is now open but at reduced capacity, some staff still working from home. 
  • WTA HK - Office is open.

Many factories in China are slowly beginning to open but are operating a reduced capacity and those that wish to open in many provinces have to submit an application to the relevant government bodies. The enterprises then need to fulfil all the preventive measures to obtain approval. There will be a build up of pending applications over the coming days so it may take some time for all factories to open. 

Updates so far:

Many countries are imposing bans especially on flights, which will cause volatility with air cargo rates. Our Air Freight division will have the latest up to the minute information. You can also take a look at this useful website https://www.cargo.one/operating-status

Sea Freight

Currently, all ports in China are open, with the exception of the Port of Wuhan. All Chinese ports are taking strict precautionary measures at this time as they continue to deal with the virus, which is likely to impact the rate of which containers are loaded or discharged. We are also seeing that ports in the UK, ie Felixstowe are taking extra measures as well, which will slow things down.

Rail Freight

We are seeing increased demand for rail services at this time, due to increasing blank sailings and Air freight rates rocketing. On the 16th of April Wuhan re-opened it's rail services. For more rail service  information click here

Blank Sailings  

The WTA China team has been in touch with all of the shipping lines and blank sailings are still being announced. However the team is usually able to rebook and do date this hasn't been too much of an issue. To note that if you require Reefer containers, they are still in very short supply. For full details please contact your WTA representative.


Cross-border trucking

The inter-province trucking situation is much improved most areas back to 90% operating levels.


The British International Freight Association also have some useful links that are worth reviewing.

Your WTA contact is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.