WTA International Logistics Experts 5 Markets Publishers Should Explore in 2016

The publishing industry has been a powerhouse for decades. Though threatened by the rise of technology, studies are showing that this industry is still growing.

With the rise of globalisation between nations and trade agreements, new doors are opening all the time. Different countries have different needs and user experiences, but all have opportunities, in some way or another, for publishing.

At WTA, our international logistics experts are always on the lookout for different markets that are potential for the publishing industry. Here are our top 5, and why we believe they would make for excellent opportunities.

United Kingdom

Though this is already a well-established area for publishing, we believe that it still holds a great deal of potential. It’s a promising place to find new business, because in the UK, print book sales are on the rise, and it’s relatively stable. Some bookstores have even lessened or removed the sale of Kindles in store, as consumers return their preferences to hard copy books.

The UK publishing industry is good for those looking to break into an established and stable market. It’s also beneficial for companies interested in utilising technology to lower overall costs, as this is a country where the digitalisation of publishing materials is abundant.


There is currently a decline in reading and book buying in Japan, so the industry is looking for new and improved ways to ignite the market.

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has launched a “Cool Japan” campaign to assist these efforts.

This campaign has put a focus on manga and nonfiction books. Interestingly, there is not yet an established Young Adult book market. For those willing to put in the hard yards, this could be an area ready and ripe for the taking.

Want to learn more about what breaking into the Japanese publishing market would involve? If so, contact our supply chain managers today and we’ll talk you through it.

Middle East

For those who like a challenge, the Middle East is a market that has incredible potential.

This region is known for its growth, which is actively assisted by Governments prioritising education and literacy.

Areas in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates also have a rising interest in Europe, which could be utilised to your benefit.

The main challenge of this region is its censorship. Many locations have heavy controls in place, either by the Government or religious groups. However, if you can navigate these cultural divides, the Middle East could be an area you consider expanding to.

Latin America

Because of the benefit of a common language, Latin America’s improving economic conditions are providing excellent opportunities for the international book business. Due to this, the interest in expanding to the Latin American market is substantial.

Mobile technology is also on the rise in this area, which is helping to lower the cost of publishing.

As this is a fragmented country, there are still some difficulties with the distribution of products. But, as this region continues to grow and prosper, so do the publishing opportunities.


With the same language as Latin America, Spain is a natural publishing market to consider.

With a big push to digitalise publishing businesses and content, Spain’s book market is highly competitive with its European counterparts.

If you are interested in pursuing the digitalisation of your product, expanding into the Spanish market is worth a thought. It also has the added benefit of being conveniently located within Europe, which could serve to lower your logistical costs.

While there are some challenges facing the publishing industry, the potential for expansion and business growth is ever present. Our advice? Analyse your company’s strengths and establish your goals. You might just find one of these 5 regions is on the path to achieving them.

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