WTA UK wins China eCommerce contract with Supermarket Giant, Sainsburys

WTA UK are very pleased to announce it has secured a contract with Sainsbury’s to handle their eCommerce business to China. Cross Border Shipping is one the fastest growing logistics products and WTA UK is leading the way with its bespoke eCommerce product, operating through a LHR based Parcel Receiving Centre. Orders are received via Alibaba’s market place TMall. Processed through a Fulfilment Centre and dispatched daily into China via Airfreight.

Thomas Kuehn, MD at WTA UK announces “We are delighted to have been awarded the China eCommerce contract by Sainsbury’s. It demonstrates that we can deliver an exceptional eCommerce product that large and small corporations are looking for”

Initially Sainsbury’s will be selling Health, Beauty and Baby Products into China. WTA’s expertise will help Sainsbury’s introduce new products on the TMall market place including those with short to medium shelf life.

WTA are also working closely with several other leading UK Brands who are looking for an effective cross border solution that will allow them to enter the lucrative Chinese market

If you would like to find out more information on how WTA eCommerce can help ship your products quickly and cost effectively please contact us today.