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WTA works very closely with all of our key partners around the globe, to ensure that your goods arrive without delay and in perfect condition.

Seamless collaboration and experience are key in each particular trade lane. We are privileged to have been working in conjunction with many of our partners all around the globe for over 30 years now. Through them we have a deep understanding of all the logistical strategies associated with each particular trade lane.

We all work to the same standard operating procedures, KPI's are set up to ensure seamless transport from A to Z.

See some of our partners below and learn about the lengths we go to find them.

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About WTA Group’s Truly Global and Highly Respected Partner Network

The foundation of every world-leading logistics operator is a global reach. Moving goods internationally requires specialised knowledge in all corners of the planet. It’s hard to imagine an industry where agents around the world is of higher priority. Only through partnerships can clients be offered first-class service and the best rates from every region.

Productive partnerships are a necessary part of the industry today. But WTA Group first recognised the value of international agents back in the 1950s, long before it was cool. Europe, Canada, Australia, and Ghana were the first corners of the globe where relationships were established. In the 70 years since, as you can imagine our network has expanded significantly.

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What we look for in partners

Forming strong partnerships is a lengthy trust-building process. We need compatibility. Some things for us are non-negotiable when it comes to growing our esteemed network:

Established & financially secure businesses

We require our agents to be well recognised in the sector. Being in business for a long time. Why? Well, this usually means they have a reputation to uphold and are reliable. They will have established customers of their own, who they have a strong relationship with.

Only those sorts of businesses are suitable for our clients.

Strong CSR values

We care deeply for our people and the planet. Our clients do too. This sentiment needs to be echoed by any organisation we enter partnerships with.

Otherwise, it’s a business culture mismatch.

How can we pour effort and resources into our Corporate Social Responsibility values if we then work alongside companies who don’t show the same commitment?

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Regional Knowledge

Any good agent should educate their partners on their region. Our first-class service is only attainable with specialist knowledge of ports, routes, warehouses, and customs processes all over the world.

It’s our partner network that helps us attain this, alongside our bases in some of the most logistically significant destinations in the world, such as the USA and China.


As alluded to previously. Reliability is the foundation of quality service in logistics. All our agents must have a reputation for unwavering reliability. Placing it at the centre of their priorities.

We cannot collaborate with businesses that don’t place the same emphasis on service, so an established reputation for delivering on promises is a must.

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How we achieved it

An extensive and reputable agent network requires a lot of investment and relationship building, over many years.

Former WTA UK Director, Kelvin Edmundson discusses the lengthy travels undertaken to find suitable agents. 

“You have to do a lot of homework to get an agent you’re really interested in.”

He visited Singapore and Mauritius in the early 90s in search of quality partners, having completed extensive research to establish targets before departing. Both logistically significant destinations for the Asia market, therefore a vital region for our clients. Getting an agent to assist with providing the best possible rates and most efficient service was essential for WTA Group moving forward.

Following an initial meeting with a potential partner in the region, it took 6 months of trust-building to formalise. From there, a long-standing relationship was maintained covering multi-million pounds worth of logistical movements.

The success of these relationships set the benchmark for our partnerships in the Asia region. Ultimately contributing to the opening of our own WTA offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

With this tried and tested process of extensive research and trust-building, we’ve been able to build a truly global and highly respected partner network.


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