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Trade between the UK and Australia has always been very buoyant and the latest available statistics state that in 2018 exports from UK to Australia was valued at $5.89 billion (source Statista 2020). This figure is expected to grow significantly once a new ambitious free trade agreement is established between the two countries. 

Whether you ship motor vehicles, medicaments or food & beverages we are here to assist you with your shipments. 


WTA UK & Savi World Transport - 30 Years of Partnership

WTA UK and Savi World Transport have enjoyed a very successful partnership for over 30 years and understand all of the pain issues involved with transporting product from the UK to Australia. Both parties have a dedicated team of specialists who primary focus is to delivery customer excellence to our clients who ship from the UK to Australia.

Our partner Savi World Transport has been specialising in — and focusing on — a limited number of carefully selected markets since 1997. This market-specific and dedicated approach provides a clear point of differentiation from their major competitors in the Australian marketplace, who increasingly attempt to operate within any and all trade lanes whilst specialising in none.  Savi's approach to forwarding is unique and they strive to do all of the little things a whole lot better than anybody else. 

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See what WTA UK & SAVI World Transport customers have to say

"Our old forwarders were fine, we’d been with them for ages, mostly things ran OK. We didn’t actually realise it could be any better until we sent a shipment with Savi-WTA. Now we know there’s a difference and won’t change again."

Import Manager
Chemical Distributor, Melbourne, Australia

"No one else only does the UK to Aus and it makes a difference. Savi-WTA are experts at what they do and it’s been a really successful partnership."

Shipping Co-ordinator
Foodstuff Manufacturer, Manchester, UK

"I used to get 10 calls a day from freight forwarders. Savi-WTA got me on board for one shipment, to give them a try. It was pure persistence from them and luck for me – I’ve been with them for 10 years and won’t change now I’ve seen how much better it can be."

Managing Director
Automotive Importer, Sydney, Australia