WTA's Preferred Carrier Programme

International shipping is a complicated and ever-changing process.

Freight prices, carriers, and trade legislation vary regularly, so the ability to adapt is vital.

Yet, if your logistics provider is invested in particular carriers, you are unable to source the best solutions for your needs. As they use set businesses to transport your goods, if a more efficient or cost-effective alternative arises, you can’t reap the benefits.

At WTA, we believe flexibility is paramount to the speed, reliability and cost of your shipping endeavour.

We offer you a completely tailor-made shipping solution. We commit to remaining completely malleable in our service, but how does this help you?

We Are Asset Light, So You Can Be Savings-Rich

Unlike other international supply chain management services, WTA is asset-light. We will never invest in trailer operations, airlines or shipping carriers. By being free of these restraints, we are able to review the true requirements of your goals. We work in your interest and yours alone, providing you with a solution that is a perfect match for your needs.

WTA’s Preferred Carrier Programme

Our Preferred Carrier Programme ensures you get the most out of our bespoke service. Managed closely by our Heads of Products, we negotiate on an ongoing basis with a specific pool of carriers on:

  • freight rates
  • service requirements
  • lead times
  • Availability

From these negotiations we are able to develop a pool of different options, applying your specific requirements to discover the best fit. The result? No more “one size fits all” methods, rather a 100% customizable service designed to give you the best ROI.

Successful shipments thrive on clear communication and a dedication to continuous improvement.

At WTA, we ensure that your transportations are returning optimal results by keeping you up to date on costs and service excellence via WTA’s supply chain management software.

We clearly state your identified Key Performance Indicators, reviewing them monthly against our performance. By working hand-in-hand with you to establish new targets, we can help you to reach your goals, giving you a service that is second to none.

At WTA, our global logistics experts strive to help you to achieve maximum ROI on your shipments. By helping you to reduce your shipping costs and enhance your supply chain’s efficiency, we can help you to significantly improve your profit margins. If you would like to learn more about our premium supply chain management service, you can do so here.

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