Sea Freight 

Sea Freight 

For your business, the transportation of goods can be a costly endeavour in your time and capital. Sourcing an efficient freight solution is vital, especially if you are trying to keep your overall costs under control. However, with countless options on the market and ever-changing compliance regulations, getting the best outcome can be easier said than done.

At WTA, we are a global freight management service.

We understand how important it is for you to find the perfect solution. One that will best mirror your personal needs, as well as your business’.


You need a service you can rely on, something that won’t cause too much complication, or blow your budget out of the water. As part of our comprehensive, international freight service, we offer streamlined and cost-effective shipping, including Sea Freight. Transporting goods and materials by sea has a number of advantages, giving your business the tools it needs to succeed.


Giving You Reliable, Timely Shipping

Our global Sea Freight service holds the timely delivery of your goods to highest importance. Your timelines exist for a reason, and we stick to them. With frequently scheduled sailings all over the world and a network of dedicated global partners, we work with you to develop a shipping solution that will get your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there.

We aren’t like any run-of-the-mill freight service. We don’t believe that our job starts and stops with the delivery of your goods.

We help you to get a completely streamlined and well-functioning supply chain, reducing any delays in the shipping process as we go.

A large part of this is handling any customs and compliance issues throughout the forwarding process. This is particularly important to those shipping overseas, as one misplaced form could mean substantial delays for your goods. We have extensive experience in dealing with customs and compliances all around the world, our expertise helping to further optimise your logistical efficiency.  


A Freight Solution To Reduce Your Overall Costs

Moving goods can be quite expensive for your business. If you are shipping a high volume of goods frequently, costs can soon start to build up, which can affect your bottom line.

The improvement of your profit margin is an aspect that we focus heavily on at WTA. Sea Freight is a cost effective transportation solution, being far less expensive than its Air counterpart.

Teamed with our analysis and improvement of your logistics, you can begin to enhance your margins with the minimum of fuss or stress to your person.


Our international logistics experts audit your current operations and supply chain, working out any kinks in the system that are costing you time and money. We handle your Sea Freight from start to finish, our specialists putting together their centuries of combined experience to successfully navigate around any issue that arises.


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Total Visibility and Global Reach

At WTA, we have a network of quality assured, value-added Sea Freight partners all around the world. Teamed with our regular scheduled routes with the best in class carriers, we can give you access to any location. Our solution to you will be completely dependant on your individual needs. If you need to ship your goods to a certain location, no matter how obscure - our international freight experts will figure out a way to get it there.

On top of our global reach, we can give you total visibility of your products before, during and after the shipping process. Our tracking system is always available to you, and can be set up so that it gives you SMS updates at particular points in the journey.

We can also give you the latest and greatest in security. The secure delivery of your goods is of paramount importance to us.

We have extensive security protocols for our services, offering extra security measures if you are transporting highly valuable or high-risk materials.

A Comprehensive Solution, Tailor Made Just For You

Your business and its shipping needs are as individual as you are. As such, a one-size-fits-all Sea Freight solution might not give you the best results. To us at WTA, you and your business are completely unique. Working closely with you every step of the way, we get to know your company - what it needs, and where the trouble areas are.

We give you a white glove service, one that is completely tailored just for you.

Dedicating to you your own personal account manager, who can be reached at all times, we communicate openly and honestly with you all throughout your time with us.

Together, we can develop a Sea Freight solution that reliably and safely transports your goods from anywhere around the globe. A result that streamlines your business operations, helping to widen your margin and enhance your efficiency. To discover more about how WTA can help you and your business, click here for a free consultation.

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