Exporting Food - How Do We Do This?

Exporting Food - How Do We Do This?

Food and drink exports are continuing to expand across the globe. In 2019, the UK exports of food and drink surpassed an eye-watering £23.8 billion

As the Food and Beverage import market continues to grow and expand, WTA is keeping up with this growth. We ensure that your food distribution continues to operate at an optimal pace, reaching its destination and your customers on time. 

Here is how WTA UK ensures that your food and drink goods arrive in perfect condition. 

Each Food and Drink Supply Chain is Unique

WTA UK understands that there is no such thing as 'one solution' for food and drink exports. Every business has its own requirements depending upon the destination and the product type. 

WTA UK will work closely with your business to develop a unique solution, working with 'Best-in-Class' providers from dispatch to arrival at the end destination. 

“When it comes to planning your supply chain logistics for your food exports, one of the critical elements is deciding your route to market and how you are going to sell your products to consumers abroad.”

Samantha Mitchell, Key Account Manager, WTA Food

As a result, WTA UK crafts flexible, tailor-made solutions that develop your supply chain to your own requirements, resulting in a more streamlined service and savings to your overall costs. 


Our Four-Step Approach Maximises the Shelf Life of Your Goods

Ensuring that your food or drink arrives on time and in pristine condition is crucial to WTA. 

As a result, we use a 4 Step SCM approach and conduct an in-depth analysis of your global food and drink supply chain. This four-step process means that we will understand your cargo’s requirements, allowing for a shipping process that fits your needs perfectly. 

WTA Supply Chain Management Process

This consultation phase allows the experts at WTA to locate challenges you may be experiencing when shipping food or drink, as well as any unnecessary costs or delays. 

We Utilise Best-In-Class Providers For Your Valued Food and Drink Goods

Finding a provider who offers a 'one size fits all' solution to your food and drink supply chain is an impossible task. If this is what a provider is offering you, you will likely have to fit your supply chain around the provider's assets rather than the other way around. 

However, WTA UK will only deliver processes that are specific to your business and supply chain. We work with you to determine the specific needs of your business and create a tailored plan around these needs. 

WTA are experts in ensuring that food is transported in a timely and precise manner across the globe. Click below to learn how WTA have helped other companies transport their food products across the world. 

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