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What documents are required for UK customs clearance?

When your company is new to exporting, understanding UK customs clearance and the documents associated can feel daunting.

The Complete Guide to Customs Brokers & Whether Your Business Needs One

International shipping can get complicated quickly. With each country having unique requirements and regulations, many businesses will turn to Customs Brokers to make the process easier.

Top Tips For Understanding Food Customs Clearance and Compliance

Importing to the U.S. is complex but importing food adds another level of complication and if you do not have the experience and understanding of clearing food goods it can be an absolute minefield. Lack of experience and understanding leads to delays and unexpected costs in your food supply chain. Having a customs broker can really save you time and money. Expect your customs broker to ask for information/paperwork well in advance of your shipment to avoid any delays. Your custom broker needs to have very detailed information about your specific product to ensure that all the paperwork is prepared for exportation.

Brexit and the Complexities Around VAT

Much is set to change in 2021, with the UK officially leaving the European Union and heading into either a brave new future or a perilous and uncertain one, depending upon who you may ask. While the nature of this future is up for debate, for the time being, one aspect of this post-Brexit future certainly isn’t - trade is set to change.

Understand the Rules of Origin: What You Need to Know About UK/EU Post-Brexit Trade

The implications of Brexit have begun to take effect in the trading world. New UK/EU Trade deals now control the import and exports of goods between the two regions. As of the 1st of January 2021, companies have had to prove the place of origin of their goods to be eligible for the benefits in the EU-UK agreement. In this article, we discuss the EU-UK trade deal and the Rules of Origin that allow companies to benefit from this agreement.