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Exporting from the UK to USA: Cost Breakdown

As one of the largest export markets for the UK, the US is an exciting opportunity for businesses. The United Nations COMTRADE database valued the trade lane at nearly $57bn in 2021, and that’s with the unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19. So, there is no shortage of opportunity.

10 tips for exporting product out of the UK

Exporting product out of the United Kingdom is a time consuming and logistically challenging process. There are plenty of places to become unstuck and encounter extra charges which impact your bottom line. Taking time to consider your options and make sure everything is in order is advisable.

Air Freight from the UK to the USA: All You Need to Know

Thinking of using air freight for your shipments from the UK to USA? I don’t blame you. It’s the quickest way to get valuable cargo across the Atlantic, which can open many previously unachievable business opportunities.

IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) Explained

Dangerous goods are defined as goods which are capable of causing harm to the health and safety of their environment when shipped. Shipping dangerous or hazardous goods by air has extra challenges. But its speed can open up exciting and profitable opportunities for businesses. You just need to ensure compliance with the necessary legislation and your goods could be hitting the skies.

Four Practical Tips For Efficient and Cost-Effective UK to USA Exports

A world of opportunity awaits when considering exporting products from the UK to the USA. According to the stats from COMTRADE, the value of UK exports to the USA was US$57.72 billion in 2020.  Many UK manufacturers see the potential of the US market, and many have very successfully expanded their business.  If you’re unfamiliar with shipping to the US and the options available to you, shipping from the United Kingdom to the United States of America has the potential to be expensive and time-consuming. Whether you have an established customer base in the US or are looking to expand your reach into a new market, it's crucial to find ways to reduce costs and delivery times.  This blog will focus primarily on Ocean freight, which is usually cheaper than Air Freight, although it does take longer. First, we’ll examine what Ocean Freight shipping options you have from the UK to the USA. Then, we’ll list four ways you can make exporting from the UK to the USA quicker and more cost-effective.

Five Important Considerations That Make UK to Australia Exports Easier

With the Australian and UK governments pursuing a free trade agreement, Australia has become an attractive market for a range of UK businesses. Australia has a similar legal framework to the UK and few barriers to entry. If your business is successful in the UK, Australia’s familiar market lends itself to expansion. Is growing your exports and expanding your global reach a part of your business strategy moving forward? If so, we've prepared five things you should consider when exporting from the UK to Australia.

FCL vs LCL: How To Determine What's Best For Your Exports

If you've looked into shipping cargo by sea, you've likely had to decide whether you’d use Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping. During transport, sea freight is kept safe within crates or containers; when you choose whether you want your cargo to be FCL or LCL shipped, you're deciding how the cargo is stored in the container.  Making the wrong choice about using FCL or LCL for your exports can mean damaged cargo, increased costs, and longer delivery times. That said, the correct decision for your business will depend on your products and priorities, so there aren’t any easy answers. In this article, we'll explain the differences between FCL and LCL shipping. Then, we'll showcase the advantages of each to help you decide which is best for your exports.

What's the Difference Between DDP and DAP Incoterms?

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you may have come across several terms used liberally throughout the order and shipping process when looking to ship goods internationally. Before ordering or selling, it's worth educating yourself on what these terms mean. You've likely come across the Incoterms "DDP" and "DAP" before. Soon after World War I ended, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was formed to push mutual profitability among nations through international trade. DDP and DDU were created as Incoterms to develop a more robust understanding of shipping practices and international commerce standards across countries.  In this article, we'll teach you everything you need to know about DDP, DAP and the advantages of each.

What Are the Key Exporting Docs Required to Export Goods From the UK

Exporting can open up new doors for many UK businesses. The rise in globalisation and the internet has made it easy for companies to grow their audience worldwide. International markets can expand your business long into the future if it's done correctly and efficiently. If exporting is new to you, understanding the key exporting process can provide you with enough background to do it successfully. You can partner with exporting experts, such as WTA UK, to benefit from the international markets without spending the resources on doing it yourself.  In this article, we explain the key exporting process to familiarise yourself with the requirements to fulfil international orders.

Top 10 Post-Brexit Acronyms All Shippers Should Know

We know that sometimes professionals use certain language, abbreviations or acronyms that aren’t always understood by others.

What Incoterms are Best for Your Exporting Business?

International trade and shipping is a complex world. More often than not, shippers must handle complex documentation across the globe, with laws changing depending upon the destination country.  Incoterms help solve some of these complexities by introducing standardised communication to international shipping. Here, WTA will break down the best Incoterms for your business if you are exporting.

Exporting Food - How Do We Do This?

Food and drink exports are continuing to expand across the globe. In 2019, the UK exports of food and drink surpassed an eye-watering £23.8 billion.  As the Food and Beverage import market continues to grow and expand, WTA is keeping up with this growth. We ensure that your food distribution continues to operate at an optimal pace, reaching its destination and your customers on time.  Here is how WTA UK ensures that your food and drink goods arrive in perfect condition.