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In the wide world of publishing, the timely and cost-effective transportation of your goods is vital. Especially so if you are shipping en masse, or if there are multiple international destinations.

But, without proper planning and skilled execution of your delivery, it’s easy to find yourself facing delays or additional costs. Needless to say, both of these issues can quickly become major difficulties for your business.

To safeguard yourself against these annoying and harmful mistakes when shipping books by air, shipping books by sea or shipping books by road, it is wise to invest in expert assistance.

At WTA Media, as a specialist book shipper, we have over a century of experience in the transportation of publishing goods. We know exactly what it takes to get your items to their intended destination as quickly and productively as possible. Our 100% customised logistics solutions are tailor-made just for you, resulting in a service that’s truly first class.

To give you a better insight into our Media specialty, here are some of the common problems faced by publishers during their shipping endeavours - and how we overcome them.

On-Time Delivery of Your Publishing Goods

Reliability is the hallmark of a fine-tuned shipping operation. If there are errors or impracticalities along the way, the likelihood that your goods won’t arrive on time gets higher and higher.

When working with the global transportation experts at WTA Media, you can rest easy in the knowledge that our superior logistics skills ensure total adherence to your timelines.

Through our personalised solutions and fully comprehensive supply chain management service, we are able to eliminate any areas that cause undue delay or expenditure.

This not only results in a faster delivery, but also helps in reducing freight costs for publishers such as yourself. Both of which go far in giving you a good return on investment.

Remove Shipping Confusion

Transporting your goods from one location to another is no simple task. Even the most seasoned shipper can encounter trouble due to improper preparation.

This, however, is something you can avoid by working with WTA Media. Our team of specialists have a deep well of knowledge when it comes to shipping - be it locally, nationally or internationally.

We keep ourselves up to date on the latest shipping news and regulations from all around the globe, strengthening our abilities so that we may serve you better.

On the same note, we offer a detailed customs and compliance service to all of our clients. This is often the area where majority of delays are caused - but not when working with WTA Media. Our intensive understanding of international customs and compliance regulations mean that your goods will have a far higher likelihood of crossing through borders unhindered, helping you to keep your costs down, improve container optimisation and meet your deadlines head on.

Safeguard Your Goods

The safety and security of your publishing goods is of paramount importance, and should be treated as such.

After all, the last thing you want is for your goods to arrive at their destination in poor condition.

Our expert team holds the high respect for your goods at all times, regardless of the price tag. We believe this is how it always should be - a value stemming from the very core of our business.

Not only do we ensure that your goods are handled carefully, we are also able to give you peace of mind through our Track and Trace program. This system gives you 24/7 visibility and access to your items, and can inform you via SMS when your crucial milestones are met.

The Bottom Line

Shipping your publishing goods is a complicated process. There are many factors to consider, and tasks to put into action. It takes a lot of time to get right, and even then you run the risk of something going wrong.

Reducing freight costs for publishers like yourself is our number one goal. By entrusting your goods to the global logistics experts at WTA Media, you are investing in the streamlined, stress-free transportation of your items. More than that, you are strengthening your business processes by removing time and cost-sapping areas of your supply chain.


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