Our Bespoke, White Glove Carpeting Solutions

In the interior design industry, the ability to transport goods in accordance with deadlines and without damage is vital.

Our team fully understand the pressures and necessities of this industry. They also know how to navigate them for the best results. That’s why we can call ourselves global logistics experts.

To give you a better quality of service, we have developed our interiors specialty. In this, we can offer bespoke, white-glove solutions to your every interior need.

A large part of this specialty is our handling and transportation of carpets and rugs.

From one-off deliveries to large-scale shipments, our international supply chain managers can give you the outcome you’ve been searching for.

A Bespoke Carpet Solution With a Difference

We have years of experience in dealing with high-end products such as carpets. Though this service is complex, we utilise our knowledge to outmanoeuvre any potential issues.

When handling your goods, we always go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met. We work with you to provide a completely personalised experience from start to finish. Due to this, we are able to give you the flexibility you need to succeed in the international distribution of your carpets and rugs.

"At Brintons, we despatch carpet all over the world road/sea/air export/import/cross trade and have been dealing with WTA for many, many years. Their service, help, communication and attention to detail is spot on.

I would highly recommend them to carry carpet as they understand the sensitivity of the product, certainly when it comes to supplying correct vehicles for collection/direct flight/sea freight options. At Brintons, we also have very high expectations regarding obtaining quotes/information etc. in a very timely fashion, and, I have to say again, no complaints."


Giving You Timely, Secure Delivery

Many carpets need delivery to buildings or renovation sites which lack offloading facilities. Though this could present problems to some companies, it doesn’t for us.

At WTA, we always ensure that there is enough manpower to assist in the delivery of your goods. Our delivery is reliable and secure, unhindered by delays these issues can cause.

This means less overall costs and improved business efficiency - not to mention peace of mind.

Are you a carpet manufacturer looking to distribute goods abroad? Searching for information such as shipping carpet costs? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us today - we’d be happy to talk you through it.


A Truly White Glove Experience

Your supply chain is as unique as you are, and should be treated as such. Our international logistics experts strive to provide you with an experience like no other.

Working closely with you, we identify the best way to meet your individual needs. We also explore your supply chain, eliminating any kinks that may cause delays or extra cost.

To streamline your processes, we additionally offer a fully comprehensive customs and compliance service.

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Our specialists are up to date on the local, national and global customs and compliance regulations, and put their decades of expertise to use by ensuring that all documentation and requirements are met well in advance of shipment.

At WTA, we can give you a logistics and transportation service for your carpets that is like no other.

Would you like to learn more about what our team of global logistics experts can do for your carpet distribution needs? If so, discover and get in touch with our Interiors Specialist Justin Hope today.

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