WTA's History

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Over 100 years 

At WTA, we have over 100 years in the freight industry. Founded in 1913 by Ernest Sommer, our business is built on a foundation of passion and professionalism, so that we can give you the best service we possibly can.  

Due to our independent, family-owned nature, we are able to give you a level of flexibility which large corporations simply cannot. We are 100% focused on delivering to you a completely personalised solution, one that is a perfect fit to your distribution needs. In our entire history, we’ve never been about lumping you into any particular price or bracket. Your business’s needs are as individual as you are, and we respect that.

Our expertise in international freight gives us the ability to create a first-class, fully tailored process for your individual needs. A process that will not only streamline your business operations, but will also help you to maximise your profit margins.

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What We've Achieved

What We've Achieved


WTA Group was named 2015 Family Business of the Year!