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Sea freight

Moving goods by sea is generally the most cost-effective option, and has the lowest carbon footprint. Allow our sea freight experts to guide you through every stage. While our visibility platform enables complete cost and timing transparency.

Air freight

When speed and on-time delivery is critical, airfreight is your ideal option. Enjoy the security of predictable booking through our extensive network and ensure optimised value and safety by working with our specialist air freight team.

Road freight

Rarely can a supply chain not involve overland freight. That’s why WTA has built an extensive transport network to provide our customers with scheduled departures, fast transit times and reliability, with visibility and control through the WTA platform.

Rail freight

If you need to get your product to market quicker but cannot air freight due to cost, then consider rail freight. You can save over 20 days in door to door transit time when comparing it with some sea transit times. With often faster clearance through customs.

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Know exactly when your goods are going to arrive. Predict delays based on live data feeds. ESG reporting at a click of a button. Our online visibility platform puts you in charge of the data, in real-time.


Insight of the week | Why are freight rates increasing again?

After 3 months of steady declines from the January surge, rates on East - West trading routes have been climbing again in May. They're now siting marginally higher than in the first month of the year, according to some freight rate indices.

We understand that your goods are important. That’s why we provide holistic supply chain solutions. Solutions underpinned by the latest technology, Ai and the best team in the business. Check us out on Trustpilot – and hear what our customers have to say.

The WTA platform will make your supply chain work harder, becoming a strategic part of your business. In the current economic climate, supply chains are high on risk registers. WTA will help you minimise this risk and optimise your business strategy.

Logistics doesn’t need to be a maze.

We also commit to transparent pricing, so you understand the true costs of your logistics upfront. Sometimes we may seem more expensive, but time and again our costs are proven realistic and transparent for our customers and ultimately cheaper than alternatives. We work hard to mitigate those factors that eek up your costs, such as the slow unloading of freight, or hold-ups at customs. Look at our Trustpilot account, and maybe some of our competitors’ ones too… 


"The service I receive from WTA is flawless from start to finish… I would give WTA a 10/10 to any of our customers who require a freight forwarding company."

David Wood, Customer Support Production Manager, Eaton

Getting your goods across the world is what we do best.

Global Support
Global Support

Support over 6,000 customers across 122 countries.

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

77% net promoter score from our current customers, and 85% rank us at 8/10 or more on satisfaction.

Visibility Platform

Powerful visibility platform with a mobile app.

Extensive Network
Extensive Network

679 trade lanes, supported by an extensive partner network.

Customs Brokers
Customs Brokers

An international team of licensed customs brokers.

Global Network
Global Network

7 international offices.


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