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Trusted logistics for the vibrant automotive industry

With a turnover of £67bn in 2021, the UK automotive industry is one of the world's most valuable. But it's an industry under increased pressure from sustainability targets, Brexit regulation and the unreliability of supply chains.

Each business in the automotive industry is unique and as such requires a custom logistics solution to maximise reliability and minimise cost.

With over 110-years in business, WTA are the experts in dependable automotive logistics solutions. Allow us to craft a supply chain which gives you a competitive advantage.

“Finding a trustworthy and reliable freight forwarding partner was a vital step in aiding the growth of the business. WTA Group have been extremely helpful in their support and partnership on all aspects of our supply chain.
Johnson Liu, Global Supply Chain Manager, Zoomo Bikes

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Logistics solutions for the automotive industry

WTA Group offers the full range of logistics services tailored specifically for the automotive sector. Whether your requirements are component, service part or finished vehicle logistics, we will create a cost effective and reliable solution for you. With experts across both inbound and outbound logistics, no opportunity for enhancement is missed.

We pair this expertise with our digital visibility platform, which gives you a single source of truth for all supply chain information. You can use the tool to make critical reliability enhancing and cost cutting decisions. Reduce your overall product scope 3 emissions with the built-in CO2 tracker.

By combining our data, technology and expertise, we are the complete automotive logistics solution.

WTA Automotive Logistics Services:

  • Entirely unique solution.
  • Sea, air, road and rail freight.
  • FCL/LCL/FTL/LTL routing options.
  • Dedicated point of contact.
  • Customs/cross-border transportation.
  • Complete end-to-end visibility.
  • Aftermarket services
  • Value added services: kitting, sequencing, etc.
  • Supply chain carbon emission tracking.
  • RO/RO services.
  • Cross docking.
  • Just-in-time (line feeding).
  • Inventory management.
  • Full vehicle or service part storage.
  • Reverse logistics.
  • Dangerous goods licence & expertise.

Turbocharging Zoomo's supply chain

Zoomo Bikes are a rapidly expanding leader in the light electrical vehicle market.

Learn how we supported that rapid international expansion with a scalable supply chain solution, backed by visibility and our expertise.

Focusing on the automotive sector’s key priorities.

Cost efficiency

Extracting maximum value for minimal supply chain cost is of paramount importance for firms in the highly competitive automotive space. Our visibility platform provides complete cost transparency, so you can see you’re getting a good deal.


Almost all businesses in the automotive space are mid-supply chain, meaning extra exposure to supply chain shocks. We build contingency options into all our solutions, to mitigate against disruption however possible.


The automotive industry, like the logistics industry, is under pressure to decarbonise. Our ISO compliant emission tracking technology means you can accurately measure and reduce the environmental impact of your supply chain.


A dedicated point of contact means our decision-making happens at light speed in comparison to other logistics providers. It’s just one part of our 85% customer approved service which we take extremely seriously to keep your production churning.

Designing the ultimate supply chain

(A quick look) at our proven formula

Step 1: Consult

  • Agree on the scope and team.
  • Sign NDAs.
  • Pre-survey questionnaire.
  • On-site survey.
  • Off-site process and analysis.

Step 2: Plan

  • Present cost savings.
  • Establish reasons to proceed.
  • Set out objectives, priorities and timelines.
  • Agree improvements to be implemented.
  • Sign detailed operations process.

Step 3: Deliver

  • Strategy established.
  • Appoint process improvement teams.
  • Deliver improvement plan.
  • Access global resource and assets.

Step 4: Review

  • Measure the results of the new strategy.
  • Analyse for optimisations.
  • Agree new goals and objectives.
  • Long-term CSM contact.

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