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Managing your import supply chain is crucial for many organisations, but especially retail organisations that rely on countries like China for the goods they sell. Supply chains are the fibres with which globalisation is woven. Networks of aircraft, ships and railways have tied together businesses in Guangdong, for example, to businesses in New York. This has always been a tricky process to manage, but in recent years it has only gotten more complex.

From American tariffs on Chinese exports, the pandemic, and the Red Sea diversion of 2024. Leading to insufficient capacity, port congestions, strikes, and more.

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The new WTA report has launched, deep diving into why the world has such a strong import reliance on China, and the risks this is now posing for companies, but the strengths that are making it difficult to change. We explore the alternatives to importing from China and the strengths and weaknesses of each option. Allowing you to make informed decisions for your supply chains. Taking the fright out of freight. 

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Benefits of WTA's retail solution

Full inventory and control
Comprehensive planning and co-ordination
Automation of POs
Sharper lead times
Total control of costs
Efficient customs clearance
Business intelligence
“I very much value our relationship with WTA for both their expertise, flexibility, and for always going the extra mile. A safe pair of hands, from high-security titles to everyday freight”.
Penguin Random House​
“Over the years we have developed a strong logistics partnership with WTA. Their comprehensive planning and coordination of our goods from numerous locations in the US to our warehouses in the UK means we have peace of mind with critical delivery dates being met and our inbound supply chain is managed with efficiency and expertise”.

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Jade is passionate about boosting international trade and establishing global business communities to drive revenue growth and provide customer-centric solutions. With over a decade of experience in sales, customer operations, and commercial management, she has collaborated with diverse and dynamic teams across various industries. Her approach is based on strategic planning and problem-solving, offering realistic timelines rather than false promises which lead to disappointment later.