Our leadership team drive WTA’s strategy, balancing innovation with exceptional customer experience and a business which is a great place to work for its people.

The team are all directly contactable either on phone, email or LinkedIn, and we are keen for our customers to know that the whole WTA team are at hand to help you achieve your supply chain strategy.

WTA Senior Leadership Team

Rochelle Sommer co-CEO
Rochelle Sommer
As CEO of WTA, Rochelle Sommer ensures that your time with us is a streamlined success.

With 16 years of outside experience, Rochelle’s overall growth development skills help you to optimize your business operations.

Alongside her father and brother, Rochelle is a fourth-generation member of the WTA family business. She works tirelessly to apply her many skills towards meeting and exceeding your needs.

"It was always my goal to work for the family business and bring my knowledge and experience to the world of logistics."

As a member of our team of global logistics experts, Rochelle enhances and improves your experience as much as possible.

Via the overall WTA Group communication strategy, she strives to be completely honest and transparent with you. She aims to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about who will best achieve your goals.

Rochelle owns the WTA goal of delivering to you a truly first-class logistics service. She searches for ways to improve our methods so that your bespoke solution allows your business to excel.

Rochelle is also dedicated to helping us open our borders, allowing us to give you an exemplary offering from all around the world. Working with our team in China, she strives to develop and grow our operations. By improving our global connectivity, we can further streamline your supply chain.

Learning more and more about international cultures every day, Rochelle's always ready to assist you in any way she can.

John Sommer co-CEO
John Sommer
John Sommer has a lifetime of experience working as part of the WTA Group family. It has provided him with the practical knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest quality transport and logistics solution for your business.

As a fourth-generation member of the WTA family business, John has been interested in international freight management since his teenage years. This interest has naturally evolved into a career focused on providing WTA customers the highest level of service for truly customised logistics solutions.

John has worked both in the UK and abroad, having spent five years overseas in the US setting up and developing the US office. This experience has left him with unparalleled knowledge in US customs brokerage and a comprehensive understanding of the complex clearances involved in food transport.

You can be confident that, when you work with John, you'll be working with someone who is dedicated to finding the best solution to your unique logistical challenges.

In 2013, John became WTA Group Director and Head of US Development. This position has allowed him to develop strong relationships and broaden his knowledge of US regulations to ensure that your needs are addressed in a seamless manner. WTA Group is dedicated to staying at the forefront of global logistics, and John is working as part of WTA's strong management team to drive the company forward.

To meet the future trends and demands of the global industry. Today, he serves as Chairman of WTA UK and WTA USA, helping lead the company in becoming the global leader in bespoke logistics solutions.

Outside of the office, John is a loving and proud father to three children. His hobbies include fly fishing, playing golf and spending time outdoors when the English weather allows.

Keri Barton Group Sales and Marketing Director
Keri Barton
Group Sales & Marketing Director
Keri is dedicated to ensuring our customers' experience, service and communications with WTA remain market leading, and through innovation continues to set the benchmark for customer service and product innovation in the industry.

Keri has over 15 years of marketing experience, primarily in B2B. Experience includes Lloyd’s of London, but most recently Restore plc, an AIM-listed, fast-growing UK business. She has vast experience in selling transformative technology, that creates automated workflows and digital transformation through Ai and robotics.

Her experience has been in fast-paced environments, and she specialises in helping companies grow organically at speed, working with Sales Directors to maximise opportunities.  Keri ensures revenue strategies are aligned with people strategies, to ensure colleagues are excited and committed to growth journeys, as well as to ensure customer happiness remains at the heart of the organisation.

Anthony Bour IT Director
Anthony Bour
Group IT Director
With over two decades of dedicated service at WTA, Anthony Bour's journey through diverse roles has granted him an unparalleled understanding of the entire supply chain.

This profound knowledge, combined with his passion for tech innovation, enables him to intuitively discern client requirements and source cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiencies and substantial cost savings.

“As the world of logistics continues its rapid transformation, Anthony's       vision and expertise position WTA to be at the cutting edge, always    primed to deliver the best for its clients.”

As the IT Director, Anthony is at the forefront of WTA's technological evolution, championing initiatives that keep the company at the pinnacle of the industry. His leadership is rooted in the belief that understanding the intricacies of the supply chain and leveraging the latest tech innovations are paramount to delivering unmatched value.

From his early days as an Export Administrator to his pivotal role today, Anthony's career has been a testament to his adaptability, forward-thinking mindset, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His emphasis on tech innovation ensures that WTA is not just keeping pace with the industry but setting the benchmark.


Elaine Evans
Group Director of People and Culture
With a passion for customer service, Elaine Evans strives to make your time with us enjoyable and efficient.

After getting her degree and spending 12 months working with a Parisian logistics company, Elaine Evans launched her career with WTA. With a strong history in operations, her marketing and HR skills help keep us completely transparent in our dealings with you. She helps us to provide a first-class solution that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

In this fast-paced global world, Elaine knows the importance of technology in international shipping. She is always on the lookout for new and improved ways to enhance our offerings to better serve you.

Elaine helps to keep us on the cutting edge of global logistics, so you receive a streamlined service.

Elaine is a pivotal member of our WTA Group senior leadership team, developing our culture so that we can give you a one-of-a-kind customer experience. She has also been essential in the launch of our WTA Academy, which provides a platform to inspire our staff through creative thinking and industry learning.

With the help of Elaine’s expertise, WTA can stand out above other logistics providers. Through her dedication to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement, we can help your business to grow profits and minimize delays in your supply chain.

Justin Moore Finance Director
Justin Moore
Group Finance Director
Justin joined WTA in May of 2023 having spent the most of his career in global finance leadership roles at major Investment Banks including Deutsche Bank and ABN AMRO.

He left the Banking industry in 2016 with a move to SMEs and a desire to be an integral part of the strategic decision making process rather than a cog in a very large machine.

Justin has since worked as FD in a UK Pension Company and a Real Estate Company. He aims to bring the best Finance elements of the Large Corporates and SMEs together at WTA to support the business and its customers.

Samantha Mitchell Key Account Director
Samantha Mitchell
Key Account Director
Having worked with WTA UK since 2003, Samantha's knowledge of logistics is unparalleled.

It is this knowledge of our industry which made Samantha the perfect choice to be lead our key accounts team. She has made it her mission to learn everything there is to know about the movement of our clients products globally.

As key account director Samantha is exceptionally customer-focused. She will always go out of her way to ensure that she is providing the most accurate and valuable information possible. An expert on compliance and how to enter new markets, Samantha is always keen to see the process through from start to finish. Her attention to detail is a huge asset when checking paperwork and ensuring the correct incoterms are being agreed upon.

Always keen to add value to the service our customers already receive, Samantha is willing to help out in any way possible. She has even been known to arrange lab testing of certain products, not something you get from your average forwarder.

Samantha is forever looking for ways to streamline her customers' supply chains. Offering bespoke reporting, she can regularly advise on ways to make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Samantha likes to see herself as an extended member of her clients business, always working within their best interests and fully immersing herself in the processes and product offerings.

Anthony Oldham Directors of Operations
Anthony Oldham
UK Operations Director
Anthony began his career with World Transport Agency 30 years ago, gaining unparalleled experience and establishing himself as a respected freight forwarder.

Anthony has held numerous roles at World Transport Agency, working his way from an export clerk, up to his current position as Operations Director.

Anthony is known for his leadership skills and wealth of knowledge. He takes pride in providing clients with the best service possible.

As Operations Director, his goal is to lead a passionate and professional team in Manchester specialising in all aspects of sea freight exports and freight management. Anthony is committed to helping your business streamline the logistics approach, identify savings within the supply chain and deliver an outstanding customer service experience.

Outside of work, Anthony can be found playing tennis, watching cricket or tending to his horses.

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