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Making your supply chain strategic.

This cloud-based platform is a free tool for all WTA customers. There is no setup required, you simply log-in to access and if you no longer work with WTA, you simply log-out. The complicated bit only comes when you want to integrate the platform with other systems. But with APIs, Ai and our Development Team that’s often pretty simple too!

Quickly find your shipments, with real-time status.
Manage orders, invoices and shipments.
Analyse and optimise your supply chain.

Optimise your business with WTA's visibility platform

Save time, reduce manual operations and increase efficiency.
It’s intuitive and easy to use.
It contains real-time data, a communication channel and in-built document storage.

Providing a continuous chain of custody for each shipment. 


More than a pretty ship on a map.

Simply better planning for you and your business. Get real-time visibility into order milestones, ex-factory times, arrivals times and more.

  • You are in control of what you are alerted to.
  • Push alerts to your inbox, so you can be up-to-date even when not in the system.
  • Ai-empowered analysis, helps you to predict issues on your main trade lanes.

Shipment visibility done right.

See everything you need to know about your shipment all in one place. Find departure and arrival times, manage notifications, documents, invoices, and more.


Even the difficult stuff is easy!

Raise efficiency with a centralised view of exceptions, paired with customs in-app notifications, reminders and automated email alerts.

Documents centralised.

No searching your inbox. No version control.

Upload and share documents in the system. Get quick access to all documents related to each shipment.

Manage access control, based on individual log-in credentials.

A supply chain tool with an in-built document management system? We’ve got you covered.


Analytics and insights.

With standard reports already in the system, and the ability to create bespoke ones too. Analyse your supply chain and be in control of your reporting against KPIs and SLAs.

Book a demo of our powerful visibility platform. 

Know exactly when your goods are going to arrive. Predict delays based on live data feeds. ESG reporting at a click of a button. Our online visibility platform puts you in charge of the data, in real-time.

These are our favourite features of the WTA Visibility Platform


“I’m a huge fan of real time data and shipment insights. The automatic tracking of all costs, weight and transit times enables hugely better decision making.”

Keri Barton - Sales & Marketing Director, WTA


“I love the WTA Platform’s live chat feature. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and having that immediate chat option, alongside a dedicated point of contact, gives us a really personal edge.”

Jade Blackburn, Head of Sales - WTA


“The real-time data and tracking is the winning feature for me. Providing our clients with live container monitoring gives them unbeatable insight into the condition of their produce in transit.”

Samantha Mitchell, Key Account Director - WTA


“As you’d probably expect from someone in finance, I love the accounting features within our WTA Platform. Invoices are listed and supply chain costs calculated in real time. It’s excellent. Makes financial forecasts so much easier.”

Justin Moore, Finance Director - WTA


“Can I say everything? Haha, just kidding. My favourite part of the WTA Platform is how it becomes a single source of information related to your supply chain. It completely changes the game. Everyone has access to the same, real time information, documents and data.”

Anthony Bour, IT Director - WTA


“I like that the system will predict and notify you of possible extra charges ahead of time, if it spots delays to ETAs and other events likely to cause charges.”

Justin Hope, Head of Pricing and Procurement - WTA


“My favourite feature, without a doubt, is the CO2 tracking. Sustainability is a huge passion of mine and bringing accurate measurements to shippers is proving transformational for decarbonising their supply chains.”

Kimberley Hines, Head of Key Accounts - WTA


Taking the fright out of freight.

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WTA Visibility Platform Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Discover a new way to work with WTA.
What is the WTA Platform?
The WTA Platform is our brand-new freight visibility tool, offering real-time shipment tracking, invoicing and analytics, so you have complete supply chain transparency. Our tool brings the management of all your freight into a modern, user-friendly interface, with a whole host of features which simplify processes and provide unbelievable insight. Say goodbye to spreadsheets. The WTA Visibility Platform will revolutionise how you manage your supply chain.
Why is it beneficial?
The WTA Visibility Platform makes managing your supply chain easier than ever. With a single online tool, you have access to all the information that you need related to your logistics.
Does it work across every transport mode?
Does it cost?
The WTA Platform comes as standard for everyone who uses WTA. All customers can access the tool once they have been setup.
How do I get started?
Speak to your dedicated account manager at WTA and they will complete the setup process.
How long does the setup process take?
Setup is an extremely simple process, which only requires email registration and verification from us. Easier than signing up for Facebook. From there, we can assist with staff training.
Who do I ask for assistance?
All our team at WTA are trained on The Platform. Your dedicated account manager should be able to handle any queries. For more complicated enquiries, they will be able to seek assistance from our dedicated IT team to answer your question.
How does the location tracking work?
The WTA Platform gets its information fed automaticallyfrom our system via an API, so it’s always up-to-date andaccurate.
How does the CO2 tracker work?
Our carbon emission tracking is audited and accredited by Smart Freight Centre, follows the GLEC Framework and compliant with ISO 14083, meaning it will provide accurate emissions monitoring data directly on the WTA Visibility Platform. Calculations are based on the shipment information in the tool (transport mode, weight, distance) and will coverall available legs within a shipment.
How does the search filter work?
We’re particularly proud of this one. The search will scour your entire database to find a correlation with what you’re typing. That means you can find shipments by looking for Shipment ID, Order ID, Container Number, Product Code, House Bill, Master Bill, Airway Bill and more.
How many users can you have?
Are there permission settings?
Yes, you can limit the access of certain users to hide sensitive information.
Can you share information with buyers?
Yes, using a simple link you can share vital information on a shipment’s location and ETA for a buyer. But don’t worry, we hide the sensitive stuff so they only get the information relevant to them.

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