ESG Strategy

Our ESG strategy is built around three pillars that allow us to deliver sustainable solutions for our customers; have strong governance which ensures we are an ethical business and a business that minimises its impact on the world we all share.

Our planet

Climate action
  • To create a sustainability working group across all offices to define and drive strategies.
  • To agree on robust, yet realistic Net Zero targets.
  • For all sites, where this is within our control, to have energy contracts that are REGO backed.
  • To offer green lane solutions for our customers, and keep them updated with all advancements across the industry to help them choose the more sustainable option.
  • To use our technology platform to allow customers to easily access their carbon reports, but ultimately offset any carbon usage through the system too.
Resource use
  • For all WTA offices to have recycle bins available and a robust strategy to 1% landfill by 2025.
  • For all single-use plastic to be banned from our office from 2025.
  • To reduce our travel by 10% yoy.

Our people

Safety and wellbeing
  • To maintain a zero serious incident KPI, and reduce near misses by 10% yoy.
  • To roll out a comprehensive well-being programme looking at fitness, mental health and cross-team collaboration.
  • To develop our Employee Assistance Programme and Employee Wellbeing hub further.
  • To maintain strong family values and develop long-term careers at WTA, whilst also embracing new talent and ideas.
  • To ensure a culture of accountability and innovation to create high-performing teams.
  • To break down silos across the teams and offices.
Diversity and inclusion
  • To create a robust recruitment strategy that encourages a broad and diverse selection and candidates, and ensure once at WTA we have an inclusive culture where colleagues feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work.
Community impact
  • To support colleagues with causes close to their hearts with matched funding up to £500.
  • To encourage colleagues to use their one paid volunteering day.

Our business

  • To continue having a clear governance structure, with defined rules and responsibilities.
  • To have a clear KPI structure of accountability against the strategy, which is the lynchpin to having a sustainable business for our colleagues.
  • Recording and auditing suppliers and partners against the code of conduct.
  • Anti-corruption policies and whistleblowing to be written, shared and enforced.
  • To ensure the Risk Register is robust and discussed at all monthly Board and SLT meetings.
Customer engagement
  • To embrace technology to remain competitive, but balance with a strong customer experience.
  • To create strong customer comms strategies to retain customers, reviewing ‘at risk’ customers monthly at SLT.
Data security
  • IT have a robust infrastructure and cyber security policy.
  • To ensure the Data Protection and GDPR strategy is being adhered to.
  • Keeping abreast of the competition to ensure the company remains in a strong position.
  • Developing and introducing new products.
  • Introducing green alternatives to our customers.
Transparency & accountability
  • To ensure our customer platform allows customers to meet their own ESG reporting responsibilities, and can make informed decisions on their carbon emissions within their supply chain.
  • We will ensure that any partners we work with align with our own ESG strategy, policies and procedures, minimizing any reputational risk.

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