Customs brokerage

WTA offer two different solutions for customs brokerage. Our online solution is perfect for simple clearance. However, if you are shipping something more complex, for example, Food and Beverages, you may need more advice from our international team of customs experts and licenced brokers. 

With WTA you are in control to choose the solution that works for you and your business.

Flexible customs brokerage to match your requirements

Transparent prices
Expert team
International clearance, and full US ports of entry
“Melanie and her colleagues at WTA were extremely helpful in sorting the required documents to ensure compliance with the latest regulation. Whenever we are stuck with anything related to customs clearance we can rely on their help and personal attention”.
Aigul Crabtree, Financial Controller, Zip World Limited

Why choose WTA for customs brokerage?

Strong, flexible communication
Exceptional customer service
Quick and compliant, backed by licenced brokers
Flexible options

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Simple customs please

My customs is a bit more complex

Exporting to the EU from the UK

Importing to the UK from the EU

Customs glossary

Our US customs glossary is an essential guide for many WTA customers. Grab your copy and make sense of the jargon!


Taking the fright out of freight.

Every quarter we release the next episode of our popular Freight Club customs podcast. It covers all the latest legislation across the globe, and our international team get together to discuss the current customs and regulatory news. We promise it is more fun than it sounds.


If you require customs management, we are here to help.

WTA. Here for the journey.