Ship happens! But with WTA you have a supporting partner.

WTA build long-term relationships with our customers because we work hard to deliver low final invoices, not just quote initial low rates. 

We work hard to minimise additional costs, nor are tardy at moving or clearing your goods at the port so you rack up thousands in demurrage costs. We are transparent and trusted, and that’s why our customers come back to us time after time, and we have a 95% net promoter score.

Moving goods by sea might be slow, but it is generally the most cost-effective option, and the one with the lowest carbon footprint, making it still the most popular choice for imports and exports. However, in the current economic climate, it is prone to delays, blank sailings and port strikes, making it difficult to manage your supply chain effectively.

WTA prides itself on a flexible sea freight solution, combining the experience and network of the WTA team, with the latest visibility technology. We are the logistics partner you can rely on.

With frequently scheduled international shipping lanes and a network of dedicated global partners, we work with you to develop optimal international pallet shipping.


What are the current sea freight rates?

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01. Quote and book with ease

Either online, or simply picking up the phone and speaking to the WTA team.

02. Complete Visibility

Complete container tracking through our cloud-based visibility platform.

03. Flexibility

FCL, LCL, cross trade,  ambient movement, you name we can create it, across any trade lane.

04. Exceptional Customer Experience

Whilst our platform is powerful, it doesn’t replace the WTA team for customer support.

05. Sustainable Logistics

From carbon reporting to carbon offsetting. From green trade lanes to research documents into the latest trends. We are here to help you align your ESG strategy to your logistics strategy.

Why choose WTA?