Full container load (FCL)

FCL (full container load) is used by businesses looking to import or export on a large scale. It provides a much lower cost per unit logistics cost and is much quicker and easier to clear through customs because the full container is from one business.

FCL is also generally preferred for time-sensitive sea freight, as it is easier for you to manage the arrival dates, as they tend to be fixed. This is often important to businesses in peak season when there is high congestion across supply chains.

With our long-term relationship with all the major shipping lines (and some of the smaller ones too), WTA can secure you competitive, transparent rates for FCL. Even in today’s more turbulent times, where delays can occur, we work hard to:

Secure guaranteed lead times where needed.
Have real-time tracking of your shipment, around the clock in the WTA platform.
Have extended cargo liability insurance options to protect revenue risk.
Offset your carbon emissions so you can align your logistics strategy with your ESG strategy.

Understanding transit times

London Gateway to NYC
Transit time
London Liverpool to Toronto
Transit time via Halifax
London Gateway to NZ
Transit time
Hong Kong to Felixstowe
Transit time
Shenzhen to Felixstowe UK
Transit time
Shanghai to Felixstowe UK
Transit time

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