Case study: Zoomo Bikes

How to build a supply chain to support rapid growth.

Who are Zoomo Bikes?

Zoomo Bikes are a rapidly expanding leader in the light electrical vehicle market. They engineer and manufacture their e-bikes which are available to rent or buy in three continents across the world.

Their vision is to turn every urban centre into a hub of LEV’s. With flexible payment plans and after-market servicing, they allow thousands of riders and businesses including Just Eat, Dominos and Uber Eats access to the world’s best light electric vehicles.

“Efficient, safe, and sustainable: our all-in-one platform for commercial light electric vehicles has got you covered.”

Used by Uber Eats and Domino's


The Challenge

Zoomo Bikes are enjoying rapid growth having brought an exceptional product and innovative business proposition to the LEV market.

They needed a trustworthy freight forwarding partner with expertise across several key trade lanes between Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Working together, they needed to build a resilient supply chain which was rapidly scalable to meet the needs of the firm’s aggressive expansion.

“Finding a trustworthy and reliable freight forwarding partner was a vital step in aiding the growth of the business. WTA Group have been extremely helpful in their support and partnership on all aspects of our supply chain.”


Johnson Liu, Zoomo Bikes Global Supply Chain Manager



“Zoomo bikes came to WTA Group needing a partnership, rather than a purely transactional relationship with their freight forwarder. We were delighted to work with them, as we believe that’s the best route to supply chain success.” 

Kimberley Hines, WTA Group Customer Success Manager

WTA Group: a complete logistics partner

Owing to Zoomo’s rapid expansion, consultancy from our trade lane experts proved extremely beneficial in the early stages. It meant as their container volumes increased from only a handful per year to several per month, the logistics across sea, air and land remained reliable and did not hinder business growth. Customer satisfaction never suffered throughout the rapid scaling, which is notoriously challenging to achieve.

Regardless of volumes, our customers receive our most competitive rates and expert advice. We know the small shippers of today, are the huge international partners of tomorrow.

Off the back of our straight-talking advice (rather than unrealistic promises), we gradually accrued responsibility for more aspects of their inbound and outbound supply chain. As a non-asset-based forwarder, we were able to craft an unbiased, unique supply chain solution to fit their needs, not one that fit our transport.

Alongside enrolment on our end-to-end visibility tool, we appointed Kimberley as their dedicated account manager, so Zoomo had a single point of contact at the company to manage all queries and further simplify their logistics. The digital tool provided 20 staff at the company a single source of truth for all data related to their supply chain. Zoomo worked with our developers to ensure the visibility tool was reporting on the specific cost data points which were of most value.

Our goal remains helping Zoomo reach theirs.

Turbocharging Zoomo success

We continue to work with Zoomo to optimise and overcome the inevitable challenges of shipping internationally.

Recently introducing more cross trade services to further slash product lead time and total landed cost.

No stage of Zoomo’s international supply chain is ignored in our pursuit of extracting the biggest logistical competitive advantage possible.

“We’re on a mission to transform the way people and businesses move around cities.”
- Zoomo Bikes
“...and we’re  with them every way!”
- WTA Group
“Establishing WTA Group as our freight forwarding partner has meant we can focus on business growth confident in the knowledge our logistics is in safe hands.

Their digital visibility tool has given us logistical transparency which previously we could only dream of. We have over 20 staff with their own accounts, able to access vital supply chain information from anywhere, anytime. Coupled with the care, attention and expertise of Kimberley, our supply chain has been set up perfectly to support our business’ expansion in Europe, USA and Australia.

Within WTA’s digital tool, we’ve set up our own unique KPI’s, including spend analysis insights which are reported on automatically, allowing us to continually monitor and optimise every aspect of our logistics.”
Johnson Liu, Zoomo Bikes Global Supply Chain Manager

Forward thinking supply chains

Keeping your supply chain under constant consideration is crucial for minimising costs and maximising resilience in case of unforeseen events.

At WTA Group we’ve commissioned a whitepaper, exploring China’s role as a global import hub and whether that is threatened in 2023 by lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions.

Better yet, it’s available for free below.

Jade Blackburn
Head of Sales

Jade is passionate about boosting international trade and establishing global business communities to drive revenue growth and provide customer-centric solutions. With over a decade of experience in sales, customer operations, and commercial management, she has collaborated with diverse and dynamic teams across various industries. Her approach is based on strategic planning and problem-solving, offering realistic timelines rather than false promises which lead to disappointment later.

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