Brexit and The Importance of AEO Accreditation

Why WTA regained its AEO Accreditation  

The Authorised Economic Operator Scheme (AEO)  scheme is intended to bring about improved security and compliance in the supply chain, whether you are a Forwarder, Customs clearance agency, exporter or importer. With WTA working with many International Companies with significant Supply Chains we wanted to ensure that we regained our AEO Accreditation.

What does being AEO certified mean and what are the benefits for you? 

Now that the UK has left the EU Single Market and the EU Customs Union any product being imported or exported from the 27 EU countries would be considered international. By not having the AEO quality mark it could impact many of our clients, who rely on us to provide a seamless service that sees their Supply Chain running as efficiently as possible. 

What does the AEO quality mark provide?

  • Fast track through customs controls 
  • Lower risk score, which significantly reduces the frequency of physical and documentary checks at the border
  • Improved security, with a reduced occurrence of theft or loss in transit
  • Demonstrates a high level of competence with the authorities
  • Access to simplified customs procedures

By WTA being AEO accredited, it means that as part of the process we had our entire supply chain closely scrutinized and that we have best practices in place for a compliant, secure and transparent supply chain. Giving you the peace of mind that we are an organization that is committed to delivering a streamlined operation that is beneficial to you.

If you would like to find out more about our AEO status and how it might benefit your business contact Anthony Bour. 

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