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Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility to our staff, the world, and local communities has always been a core value of WTA Group. We hope this page provides an understanding for the type of caring work we are involved in.


Our Four Core Responsibilities

Our aim has always been to behave responsibly in everything we do. We’re not interested in token gestures, we’re passionate about giving back to the community and making a real positive impact on people and the planet.

So, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility programme very seriously. In fact, we have very recently received an official silver CSR accreditation.

The accreditation has confirmed our commitment to driving private sector growth which is beneficial to everyone. It is made up of 4 key aspects: environment, workplace, community, and philanthropy.

This page will explore them all in detail.

Responsibilities | WTA Group

CSR Accreditation

"Achieving a CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of your excellence in CSR. The Accreditation shows you have integrated CSR initiatives throughout your business operations and engaged in business practices that directly affect your local community and environment."




There’s no getting away from it, research suggests logistics is responsible for 3% of global emissions. It’s a statistic that makes for uncomfortable reading, so we’re continually looking for ways to reduce the direct carbon footprint of the company and the movement of freight we’re indirectly involved in. All to help meet the global 2050 net-zero target.

Direct Environmental Action

  • The Cycle to Work scheme is available for WTA UK staff who are office-based.
  • Incentives for staff with a company vehicle to choose an electric or hybrid model.
  • Digitalisation of all services and a move to cloud-based storage has dramatically reduced our paper use.

Indirect Environmental Action

  • WTA Control Tower, available to all our clients, offers completely paperless end-to-end supply chain visibility for our customers.
  • Control Tower CO2 tracker allows users to monitor their carbon emissions and offset them.
  • Working constructively with clients interested in decarbonising their supply chain through our GreenRoute program.

We are enthused by the announcement at COP26 of a move towards green shipping corridors and a target of 5% zero-emission vessels in use by 2030.

We’re keeping a close eye on the development of these routes and will be working with clients to use them when they become available.

Learn More About WTA Control Tower


Being outwardly responsible means very little if you aren’t responsible to your staff.

At WTA Group we place enormous emphasis on ensuring our employees are happy with us. For this reason, we offer flexible working conditions to fit around busy lives, a relaxed office environment and regular company socials.

But that’s only half the story.

36% Staff who have been with us more than a decade. 15% have been with us more than 2 decades
Continually enhancing the careers of WTA staff is a core company policy. We know people like moving forward, taking on more responsibility and being financially rewarded for doing so. We recognise and encourage this ambition from staff.

“Developing talent and knowledge throughout the company is a true passion of mine and something we take very seriously at WTA Group. Our people progress with energy and professionalism through the business and that is something we’re extremely proud of.”

Elaine Evans, HR Director at WTA Group.

At WTA we make use of apprenticeship and graduate schemes to encourage growth in our staff. We also have an extensive training budget which we use to enrol employees on any courses which they believe will improve their skillset.

Our friendly and encouraging approach to staff is backed up by rigorous health and safety standards, alongside a thorough diversity and inclusion policy.

It’s not all work, work, work though.

Our investment in staff wellbeing does extend to staff socials! Team members are encouraged to attend their quarterly social events and Christmas parties, which take place at a full range of places across the year.

Meet the Team
Long Service Benefits - - Private healthcare for entire family.  - Company gifts.  - Additional holiday days.  - Socials at exclusive venues.

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The WTA China Team Enjoying a Social Function


We are passionate about protecting and improving the local communities where we operate. For this reason, we have a detailed ethical business policy in place, which we believe further adds to the wellbeing of our employees.

But we go further.

We enforce a strict code of conduct for all our suppliers, and we only operate the most responsible supply chain routes.

Simply put, we ensure every business associated with WTA Group holds themselves to the industry’s highest standards. We simply don’t do business with companies which have practices that are detrimental to their staff and local communities.

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Smiles at Community Events Organised by WTA

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WTA are a corporate sponsor of Butterfly Children’s Hospices in Changsha, China.

The charity provides loving care and medical treatment for children with life-threatening illnesses. Some children have been abandoned; others are brought to Butterfly when families can no longer care for them alone. No matter how small or how sick, each child is given the care and medical attention they need along with the love and dignity they deserve.

BCH also provides training and education for Chinese medical personnel and government officials in the art and science of palliative care for children.

We are proud to support the vital work of Butterfly Children’s Hospices. Follow the progress being made for the little butterflies at butterflych.org.

Donate to Butterfly Hospice

Watch how Butterfly Children's Hospices are making a difference in children's palliative care in China

Every year WTA makes a special Christmas donation to charity. This year our chosen charity is Francis House Children's Hospice in Manchester. They offer invaluable support across Greater Manchester to families of children and young adults with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.


We are delighted to have the support of the directors and staff at WTA. We are truly grateful for their dedication to our charity and welcome them as long term corporate supporters.

Lyn Gould, Co-Founder Butterfly Children’s Hospice