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Simplifying Your EU Custom Clearances

Are you looking to make your custom clearances more streamlined?

Bringing goods in and out of the EU from the UK has become a very complex process since the 1st of Jan 2021 for many companies.


With the latest product offering from WTA UK – Customs Gateway, your custom clearances to and from the EU can be a lot more simplified.

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Delivering solutions that allow you to focus on your core business

Imagine a solution that will speed up your EU custom clearances, compliance complications will be a thing of the past and more importantly, you will have visibility of where your product is during the EU customs clearance process.


Reduce the data input required from your team


Receive key milestone updates on where European Imports/Exports are


Delivering compliance to your European Imports/Exports


Working towards minimal border disruption

Complex customs clearances will be a thing of the past

Utilising the Customs Gateway tool, your customs clearances will be a lot more efficient. Manual data updates will be digitalised, meaning a lot less data imputing for your teams. Struggling with custom codes, making sure that you are compliant all of these issues are removed with our digital customs tool. No longer do you need to phone your customs provider trying to find out where you goods are in the customs process, all information is available on our digital Customs Gateway portal.

If you would like more information on how Customs Gateway can make your EU customs clearance processes far more simplified. Email Melanie Sullivan for more information.

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