Rail Freight

Rail service is a real alternative to sea and air with a quicker transit time.

The rail export service from China is an alternative worth considering if the transit times of ocean are too slow but the cost of airfreight is prohibitive. 

The delivery times of rail freight is faster than ocean with a transit time of 22 days and is also a significantly lower cost than when considering air freight. Rail is also considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to air freight. 

WTA is able to offer weekly services from China to the UK and the rest of Europe as well. Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) we have you covered. For large dense cargo it is a very cost effective way to get your product into Europe and the UK.

Need to get your product to market quicker but cannot air freight due to cost? Have you considered rail freight?

Using WTA’s rail freight service you can save over 20 days in door to door transit time when comparing it with some ocean transit times.

Rail freight offers faster clearance through customs. Inspection and processing can be carried out very quickly and in most cases much quicker than air or sea freight. 


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