Heather Moesch

Compliance Manager

Specialising in shipments to and from the United States, Heather’s expertise helps you to streamline your shipping.

A licensed Customs Broker and Customs Certified Specialist, Heather’s 20+ years of experience give her the skills to ensure your delivery is a success. Heather knows how best to navigate the often difficult waters of U.S. Customs. With her helping hand, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shipment is guarded against delays.

Having worked in many ports, Heather has a deep understanding of how they work – both on the coast and inland. Her area of expertise is broad and includes:

  • Textile entries and supporting complex textile entries on the east coast
  • Temporary imports under Bond
  • Clearing shipments for freight forwarders that did not have an in-house brokerage
  • Compliance issues
  • Post-entry customs and research on new imports

As a member of CTPAT, the Chicago Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarder Association (CCBFA) and NCBFA, Heather keeps herself up to date with the latest news and best practices. Armed with this knowledge, she is well equipped to deliver to you the best results.

Heather strives to provide you with a truly first-class, personalised customer service. Paired with her expertise, she can give you the guidance and knowledge you need to better understand the ever-changing world of U.S. trade laws and regulations.

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