Seamless trade on the UK/USA lane with expert James Micklethwaite

At WTA Group, it is our people who possess the skill, knowledge and passion for delivering customer excellence which is our USP in logistics. Through our Freight Account Manager James Micklethwaite, WTA has built a specialism on the UK to USA trade lane, providing exceptional prices and service for our clients.

Here we will explore how James’ story to date benefits our clients every day, following his recent move to Chicago.

“The United States market has always been of great interest for me. As the world’s largest economy and with millions of astute buyers, the opportunity here really is exciting.”

James Micklethwaite, Freight Account Manager

James’ journey with WTA began in March 2017. Since then, with enthusiasm and an appetite for learning, he has rapidly progressed to being a leader in our team.

A crucial step along this journey was the management of one of our premier food accounts. Due to food standard laws, logistical and customs requirements for foodstuffs is more complex than regular cargo. So, the time spent managing these goods gave James a deeper understanding of supply chain documentation, which simplifies processes for our customers on the UK/USA trade lane today.

“From the moment I had this job, I have made it well known to managers that I don’t want to stay at the same point, I want to progress. I’ve always tried to show a willingness to learn.”

But it was James’ time managing our UK to Australia trade lane which was a breakthrough moment. Whilst managing that lane, James felt the value of having lived at both ends of a route. He had resided in Australia for 2 years prior to working for WTA, where he picked up his first job in logistics.

Consequently, his clients received a deeper understanding of their needs and culture. James had a stronger grasp on customs requirements for Australia and was able to build stronger relationships, all of which meant an enhanced service.

It's the same reason WTA Group has headquarters across the world, including the UK, USA and China. We think that only by being truly global can a logistics company offer high quality, bespoke service from end-to-end.

After 2 years on the UK to Australia trade lane, James’s skills (and passion for Leeds United) were required on a busier route. So, with COVID-19 pandemic economic disruption reducing, an opportunity on the UK to USA lane presented itself.

Following his experiences on the Australia lane, it was clear to take our UK to USA trade to new heights, relocation from the UK to the United States was necessary.

So off he went!

“The fact I have worked in the UK office, I know both sides of the story. I have knowledge of the whole picture for our LCL shippers.”

Knowledge of the whole picture becomes even more valuable in James’ role as the single point of contact for our clients. Leaning on that experience each day to answer highly specific questions about all stages of a shipments route.

We feel like all the pieces of the jigsaw have come together for our UK to USA trade lane in 2022.

With COVID-19 moving into the endemic stage and trade between the two countries re-emerging stronger than ever, it is an exciting time for businesses in those markets. The growth of ecommerce, with more independent traders opening online, is adding volume to the LCL shipment market. Then with James’ knowledge, experience, and relocation we can offer more competitive prices than ever, coupled with the greatest service possible. Exciting times.

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