Case study: Oxford Plastics

How Oxford Plastics energised their exports with sustainability as a core USP.

Who are Oxford Plastics?

Oxford Plastics are a leading British manufacturer of on-site safety products, who have placed sustainability at the centre of their offering.

75% of their products are made with recycled materials and 100% of their products are recyclable or reusable for energy.

Their products are patented and used globally in the Construction, Utilities, Highways, Events and Industrial sectors. 

“Our innovation ensures the continued growth of our business as we strive to make the future a safer, more sustainable and rewarding place for our colleagues, partners and clients.”
Oxford Plastics

How Oxford Plastics’ exports are thriving

In placing sustainability at the heart of their R&D, Oxford Plastics have dramatically expanded their exports. Focusing on recyclability, transportability, repairability and durability in the design phase has meant OP have products which are market leading when it comes to the environment. They have then calculated the exact CO2e lifetime emissions of each individual product they produce, from the materials to the transit, to the end-of-life. So, customers have total emissions transparency.

By comparing this data to the lifetime emissions of competitors’ products, they have been able to demonstrate an 80% reduction in carbon emissions.

Sustainability has become a core USP of Oxford Plastics, who have seen revenue on sales in the USA increase from roughly £200,000 in 2012 to an expected £5,000,000 in 2022.


Midsized businesses in Britain that say sustainability is ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ influential in their decision making (Natwest, 2019).
“As our business grows, we’re finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and create more sustainable products.”
Oxford Plastics

WTA supporting success

WTA are continuing to assist Oxford Plastics in achieving their international expansion goals.

With successful integration onto our digital Visibility Platform which contains a CO2 tracker, they’re able to acquire even more granular data on the logistical emissions of their products. We’re then working with Oxford Plastics to reduce these product Emissions further, through supply chain optimisations and exploring carbon offsetting options.

Our logistical experts across all the major trade lanes, and our partners with local expertise dotted across the globe, mean that we’re supporting them with expansion into their next big target market: Australia and New Zealand.

We understand every business in unique. As such, we passionately believe in a collaborative relationship with all our clients, to build a supply chain which perfectly suits their needs. Only that way can a supply chain become a genuine competitive advantage of an international expansion story.

US Market Revenue


Exporting out of economic turmoil

In these turbulent political and economic times, exporting for the first time, or expanding your export strategy could be the ideal way to build resilience into your business.

At WTA we’ve commissioned a whitepaper, exploring the biggest exporting opportunities available right now for British businesses. It also includes guidance on how to chose a new export market and some hidden advantages that only British businesses can exploit on the world stage.

It’s available for free below.

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