Case Study: Mountney

How we support Mountney with the import of complex automotive parts.
A driving force in automotive logistics.

Who are Mountney?

Mountney are a leader in the manufacture and distribution of motoring parts and accessories.

Established 36 years ago in the UK, they now own three main brands in the automotive marketplace; Summit, Gmax and Mountney Classic. They also supply an extensive range of other manufacturers’ products for distribution.

Key numbers.

Pole position for customer service

We have been working with Mountney on their supply chain for nearly 10 years. WTA assumes responsibility for Mountney’s entire import portfolio, moving roughly 50 containers a year into Europe from China and Taiwan on FOB incoterms.

The complexity when handling Mountney’s supply chain comes from two separate aspects:

As a manufacturer and distributor, Mountney are importing a wide range of complex car parts and accessories. This means our Customer Service Manager, Evan, must cross reference a wide range of HS codes to ensure shipping documentation is reflective of the container's contents.

Added to this is a blend of FCL and LCL shipments, subject to Mountney’s requirements from month-to-month. Regardless of the shipment type, Evan works with them to ensure the correct commodity codes are assigned to each product and in the right quantities to ensure smooth sailing at sea and through customs.

The second aspect of complexity is in the delivery locations and unpacking instructions. Mountney require their goods to be delivered to a variety of locations across the UK and Europe.

Like the commodity codes, we must ensure the correct final destination is assigned to each container, to avoid costly delays and additional milage or wasted journey charges.

The key to success with Mountney is communication and a dedicated point of contact. Evan has a regular, constructive dialogue with Mountney, keeping them informed on the process of their shipments. Any disruptions, which are inevitable with international logistics, are communicated promptly so Mountney can react accordingly.


“The complexity of Mountney’s import portfolio increases the chances of an error which could be very costly for them. To combat this, the inventory of every container is triple checked against the commodity codes used before shipment.”

Eleanor Heaps, Head of Customer Service, WTA


Continuous development

After 10 years, we aren’t resting on our laurels.


Our recently launched WTA Platform is set to transform the communication between Mountney and our Customer Service Manger even further.

The tool will provide them with real-time insight on the location, arrival/departure times and documentation related to their freight. It also gives them a perfect record of each shipment and an instant message line of communication with Evan.

Over time, the cost and time data accrued on every container will reveal priceless insight into their supply chain. Allowing us to work with them to find further optimisations. Meanwhile our ISO compliant CO2 tracker will mean Mountney can keep their environmental impact under constant review and work to minimise carbon impact.

wta-platform-image-analyticsIndustry insights

Our team continually keep Mountney updated on logistics through our industry insights.

Mountney receive weekly supply chain Market Updates, keeping them informed on logistics news so they are always informed on international trade.

They also receive our detailed industry whitepapers and PDF guides, which feature in-depth analysis on supply chain and international trade talking points.

Recent insights include cost optimisation guidance, incoterm analysis and exploring new free trade deals.

What it means for you

WTA’s work with Mountney proves our trustworthy and expert logistics service for imports on the vital China – North Europe trade lane.

Our 10-year relationship is a showcase of our belief in long-term relationships compounded by continuous improvement. We are committed to value-added services, beyond simply moving freight, to give our clients a competitive advantage. Our customers never miss a developing trend in logistics and supply chains, setting them up for success.

Mountney are just one of many clients who have worked with us over many years. We’re proud of our approach to customer service which keeps people, both customers and staff, with us for a very long time.

“We have worked with WTA for many years now. They are very professional, efficient, understanding and always honest. On the very few occasions we have experienced problems, they have always been rectified quickly & professionally.

Very quick to answer emails, and always ensuring that we have the latest information available. Evan & Kim really do go above and beyond for us.”

Nicky Else, Head Buyer, Mountney Ltd

WTA are passionate about supporting businesses in the automotive industry, boasting over 40 clients. In 2022 we moved over 1,000,000kg of automotive goods in support of one of the UK’s brightest industries.

The China – UK trade lane is just one of 679 trade lanes that our experts operate across every year. Whatever your logistics requirements, they have the knowledge and insight to ensure a smooth process.


Justin Hope Import Specialist

Meet Jade Blackburn

Jade is passionate about boosting international trade and establishing global business communities to drive revenue growth and provide customer-centric solutions. With over a decade of experience in sales, customer operations, and commercial management, she has collaborated with diverse and dynamic teams across various industries.

Her approach is based on strategic planning and problem-solving, offering realistic timelines rather than false promises which lead to disappointment later.

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