Transforming the import processes of a snack giant

When a leading snack food and drink provider approached WTA to manage the import shipments of their coffee, our expert import team were ready to tackle the task in hand.

About the client

A global snacks powerhouse and the world’s second largest food company with annual revenues of $49.2 billion.

The challenge

With annual figures of 43,000 tonnes and 2000 teu of coffee, the client was having issues in competently operating the UK arm of their supply chain, from the arrival port through to the inland container park site (ICP). The shipping lines had control over the inland haulage to the ICP. Lack of attention to the delivery instructions and poor delivery service level were having a huge impact on the business.

The client had a unique setup in that full containers are stored at the inland park, sampled, and then selected for delivery to client premises for final processing. The return of the containers once empty was particularly causing problems.

How we helped

The client required a full process management approach in which WTA takes control of all inland bound logistics flows from the port to the ICP, as well as the management of container control from organising stock control through to collection and restitution of empty containers.

  • Organisation of transport via WTA’s quality controlled sub-contracted haulier.
  • On going process and reviews between WTA, haulier, ICP, and client.
  • Production of daily management report mapping status of all containers from origin through to arrival UK giving all parties in the UK complete visibility.
  • Controlled management of delivery bookings at the ICP via their own goods in system, advising when containers
    will arrive at their premises.
  • Production of daily management report mapping status of empty container restitutions, detailing precise factors
    required for absolute efficiency.
  • Controlled management of shipping lines rent, demurrage, and detention cost.
  • Electronic invoicing.

Key successes

  • Management of ICP bookings result in ZERO quay rent incurred for 1st period of awarded contract.
  • Savings on inland haulage in direct comparison with the shipping line.
  • Saving on administration by reducing influx of invoices from 150 a month to 6 via bulk.
  • WTA solutions added into client contract.
All the above initiatives led to a total saving of £100k in the 1st 6 months of the contract in this particular part of the supply chain.

How does this help you?

At WTA, we know that each business has its own individual needs. This is why we offer a completely personalised solution, crafted just for you and your goods. We will work hand-in-hand with you all throughout the process, giving
you the attention and level of detail you need to succeed.

Our main goal is for you to achieve yours, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you to reach, and exceed,

Justin Hope Import Specialist

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