Aerospace and defence logistics

The UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space industries are huge contributors to the economy. With a combined turnover of £82bn, which includes £36bn in exports, the UK is a positioned as a world leader in advanced manufacturing.

To maintain its status, this thriving part of the UK economy needs a logistical solution centred around its key priorities; reliability, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Whether you're a small-scale manufacturer or an industry giant, our team of seasoned experts are dedicated to finding a supply chain solution that perfectly meets your KPIs in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

"The service I receive from WTA is flawless from start to finish… I would give WTA a 10/10 to any of our customers who require a freight forwarding company."
David Wood, Customer Support Production Manager, Eaton


Complete logistics for the aerospace and defence sector

Over many years WTA has developed a methodology to perfectly support businesses in the aerospace and defence sectors with their logistics. We understand supply chains are under strain to keep production churning, whilst adhering to tight fiscal, reliability and environmental requirements. There's also ever-changing regulation and huge variations in the size and quantity of cargo.

Our experts are confident in the consultation and management of all stages of your supply chain. Whether that is inbound or outbound, aftermarket services, parts supply or optimising inventory and customs processes.

We combine this knowledge with an industry-leading supply chain monitoring platform, which gives you real-time data to find efficiencies and cost savings at every stage. With it, you’re able to make decisions that improve your supply chain with confidence. The built-in CO2 tracker means you can see and reduce your products’ scope 3 emissions, meeting sustainability goals and helping you provide total transparency to customers.

However complex your manufacturing process, allow us to shape a supply chain which gives you a competitive advantage. By combining our in-house expertise with industry-leading technology, we will find the optimum solution to support your businesses goals.

WTA Aerospace and Defence Logistics Services:

  • Entirely unique solution.
  • Sea, air, road and rail freight.
  • FCL/LCL routing options.
  • Dedicated point of contact.
  • Customs/cross-border transportation.
  • Complete end-to-end visibility.
  • Supply chain carbon emission tracking.
  • OOG services.
  • Cross docking.
  • Just-in-time.
  • Inventory management.
  • Warehousing and storage.

Designing the ultimate supply chain

(A quick look) at our proven formula

Step 1: Consult

  • Agree on the scope and team.
  • Sign NDAs.
  • Pre-survey questionnaire.
  • On-site survey.
  • Off-site process and analysis.

Step 2: Plan

  • Present cost savings.
  • Establish reasons to proceed.
  • Set out objectives, priorities and timelines.
  • Agree improvements to be implemented.
  • Sign detailed operations process.

Step 3: Deliver

  • Strategy established.
  • Appoint process improvement teams.
  • Deliver improvement plan.
  • Access global resource and assets.

Step 4: Review

  • Measure the results of the new strategy.
  • Analyse for optimisations.
  • Agree new goals and objectives.
  • Long-term CSM contact.

Is it time for China Plus One?

With growing geo-political concerns and recent supply chain disruption, our new whitepaper explores the feasibility of the China Plus One supply chain strategy. It also looks at other options automotive manufacturers have for sourcing imports. Explore for free below.

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