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Vegan and veggie diets are on the increase worldwide, making growth driven by international expansion increasingly attractive to plant-based food and drink brands. WTA support many such businesses at the start of their international journey. With nearly 6,000 customers across 122 countries, WTA are a trusted partner for companies of all sizes to support their international growth.

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"WTA provides a fantastic end to end service exporting our pet food to the dogs of Europe! We receive regular updates on the progress of each trailer, and if an issue ever arises, they are always on hand to help as best they can. The regular day to day communications really give a personal touch and make you feel like a valued customer.
The podcast is also great, and regular emails update you on any legislation changes you need to be aware of, which is always helpful! Would highly recommend to anyone needing a reliable and customer focused logistics provider."
Louise Twidle, Export Coordinator, Butternut Box

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As well as arranging optimal logistics, both import and export, for leading plant-based brands, WTA provide our customers with our visibility platform. The WTA platform allows you to manage your supply chain in real-time, create bespoke reports and make data-empowered decisions.

Have you secured your copy of our new whitepaper? 

The new WTA report has launched, deep diving into how to create an international growth strategy as a plant-based brand. 

The report addresses the logistical challenges of international expansion, the strengths and weaknesses of different markets from a plant-based perspective, through to customs management and warehousing.

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Have any questions about our whitepaper, or international supply chain logistics?

Speak to Mel our plant-based food specialist.

Along with logistical support across all modes, WTA has developed a range if additional services specifically for the food and drink industry.

Customs management

Navigating customs can feel complex, but with WTA we can help you optimise your customs strategy and spending.

Order management

Our order management module in the WTA platform provides complete visibility and system integrations to make order fulfilment seamless.

Global Support

WTA can handle your storage and distribution needs with care and efficiency. Using BRCGS accredited facilities, our international warehouse team specialise in food and drink warehousing and distribution. You can be confident your goods' pristine quality will be maintained.

Product Recall

Our customers can advise WTA of a product needing to be recalled. Using the SKU and batch code we can quickly track the product within the warehouse, any that have been shipped, and to where. We can also provide destruction services and lab testing, including any sodium levels and x-ray detection.

Last-mile delivery

Where customers have a WTA warehouse solution, we can offer last-mile delivery, completing the final step of the supply chain operation and maintaining a complete chain of custody of your products.

Sustainable supply chains

Aligning ESG ambitions to a supply chain strategy can be difficult, but at WTA we use our four-pillar approach to help our customers: Report; Reduce; Renew and Recycle.


Taking the fright out of freight.

Melanie Sullivan is our food and beverage specialist and over the last ten+ years WTA has been creating innovative logistics strategies for food and beverage companies of all sizes.  Speak to Mel about optimising your logistics strategy.


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