Inbound supply chain

Disruption to your inbound supply chain will be a thing of the past, delivering on areas that matter to your business.

Every business is striving to become more efficient, and more competitive and to cut costs. If handled correctly your inbound supply chain can achieve all this, delivering you the business advantage that you are striving for.

Over the many years that we have been handling our customers' inbound supply chain requirements, it became abundantly clear that a strategic approach is required to ensure that each workflow within the inbound supply chain is running like clockwork.

Eliminating the pain issues that you could currently be experiencing such as:
Lack of cost control within your inbound supply chain.
Problems with suppliers not delivering goods to the port on time.
Goods being delayed at customs due to incorrect, missing or delayed declarations. 
Damaged goods arriving at your warehouse due to poor packing at origin. 

Every step of your inbound supply chain has the potential to break down if you don't have the right procedures in place, costing you valuable time and money. Let us help make your business even more competitive by re-aligning your inbound supply chain to be controlled, measured and above all competitive.

Benefits include: 
Full inventory and control
Comprehensive planning and coordination
Automation of PO's
Sharper lead times
Total control of costs
Efficient customs clearance
Business intelligence


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