Customs Declaration System (CDS)

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in August launched its new customs system (CDS) which will replace the current Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight system (Chief). The benefit of CDS is that it is a modern flexible system equipped to deal with the increasing number of custom entries. It also has the potential to reduce the number of declarations you might need to make if you are trading outside of the EU.

Staged approach

The first phase of the CDS implementation was in August and it is expected that the final phase will be completed in early 2019. At the moment, the Chief system is running in conjunction with the CDS system, no date has been announced for when the Chief system will no longer be in operation, but we expect it to be sometime in 2019, so make sure you are prepared.

To ensure that declarations meet the standards required under the UCC and to capitalise on  the additional benefits that CDS can offer to importers and exporters, extra, more in-depth, or changes to information will be required for declarations.

Additional information that will be required:

  • An audit trail of previous document IDs
  • Additional party types, such as buyer and seller
  • Possible additional commercial references or tracking numbers
  • Levelling – change between ‘header’ and ‘item’ for some data items

To align UK Customs data with international standards, there will also be changes to:

  • Location of goods identification (based on UNLOCODE)
  • the warehouse type code list
  • item tax lines, including method of payment codes
  • unit of quantity codes (ISO)
  • the way customs procedures are quoted
  • the number of items on a declaration – CDS will allow a maximum of 999 items on a customs declaration instead of the current 99 items on CHIEF

Our experienced Customs Compliance team are able to handle your Customs Clearance declarations on your behalf. 

The expertise that you need

Customs regulations and legislation governing international trade are constantly changing, creating opportunities for cost and service improvements, but at the same time generating compliance risks for those who are not properly advised. WTA brings professional expertise and specialist systems to the understanding and management of these fast-changing elements of the global supply chain.

Custom-tailored solutions

Our customs specialists perform a customs ‘health check’, after which they provide feedback-identifying opportunities of cost and service improvements. A bespoke solution is then designed for the client, applications made to authorities for relevant authorisations and a process developed for on-going management of the agreed solution.


  1. Identification and removal of non-compliance throughout the customs process
  2. Dramatic reductions in customs duty and supply chain logistics costs
  3. Improved cash flow through duty and VAT ‘payment’
  4. Design and installation of specific-for-purpose solutions
  5. Improved customer fulfilment
  6. Release of time for core priorities
  7. A platform for continuous improvement
  8. Immediate frontier clearances
  9. Predictable lead times
  10. Assured compliance
  11. Greater visibility, control and management information


  1. Classification reviews
  2. Binding tariff applications
  3. Duty reclaims
  4. Regime analysis
  5. IPR/PCC/OPR customs warehouse reporting
  6. Customs entry reporting
  7. Freight auditing

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Let us eliminate the delay of your goods in customs.

Professional skills and specialist systems are applied to the analysis and management of this complex, rapidly changing, unavoidable but crucial component of international trade.

Ensuring we fully understand current practise, product classifications and material movements, we design and manage integrated systems that take full account of the legal and security requirements across all relevant jurisdictions to achieve optimum material flows.

Our objectives are to achieve maximum savings, eliminate delays and ensure full compliance. Working with WTA USA Inc. can generate savings in duty and demurrage, improve cash flow, deliver shorter, consistent lead times and eliminate both the service and financial penalties of regulatory non-compliance.

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Fast Track your Customs Clearance

If you are shipping any food or beverage into the U.S., they must be cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Customs clearance can be an extremely complex and a lengthy process unless you know what you are doing. This is why U.S. Customs recommends using a licensed customs broker.

WTA USA Inc. acts as an agent for the food and beverage industry, importer or exporter, and conducts Customs business on your behalf. We can help you gain a competitive advantage, by offering a fast reliable, full customs brokerage service. We will perform all necessary steps to obtain U.S. Customs clearance for your goods in order to get your shipments released and delivered to their final destination in a timely manner. Choosing a customs broker is an important decision and can often mean the difference between an on-time shipments or costly delays.

Remote Filing License

No matter where you goods are, we can electronically process your customs clearance documentation, in order to get your food shipments released and delivered to their final destination as soon as possible. Choosing the right customs broker is imperative as it can mean the difference between an on-time shipment and costly delays.


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