Overland Freight

Reduce Stress and Maximise Efficiency with WTA Overland Freight

When it comes to the transportation of your goods, settling for less isn’t an option. The timely and reliable delivery of your goods is essential to the smooth running of your business, not to mention your profitability.

Freighting your goods over land is no exception to this. At WTA, we are overland freight experts and can help you to get your goods from A to B speedily, safely and in accordance with your timelines. 

Giving You Reliable and Timely Delivery

Working with our large, global network of quality assured partners, we are able to give you access to any country in the world. The expertise of our WTA team, as well as our partners, allows us to meet and exceed your high standards.

We have centuries of experience in overland freight services, and as such know how to tailor your solution to give you the best return on your investment.

When freighting with WTA, you can be assured that your goods will arrive on time. We have a meticulous planning process, during which we develop an in-depth knowledge of your business operations. Working hand-in-hand with you, we then develop a system that will serve to streamline your logistics, further reducing (and eliminating) any delays in the process. 

Enhancing Your Profit Margins

When freighting with our team of global freight experts, you get a completely customised solution to your needs. We analyse your needs as well as your current supply chain, custom designing an overland freight process that will best fit your individual needs.

On top of giving you a personalised solution, we also work hard to maximise your profit margins.

We do this by evaluating your supply chain and operations, gathering a comprehensive understanding of your business’ needs. Our logistics specialists then work with you to streamline your supply chain, eliminating any kinks in the system so you can significantly reduce your overall costs. 

Secure and Trackable Overland Freight

The security of your goods is of paramount importance to us. We have comprehensive security in place, so you can relax with the knowledge that they will not only be delivered on time, but also in mint condition.

We treat your goods with the utmost respect and due care all throughout the overland process.

To give you added peace of mind, we can offer 24/7 visibility for your goods, additionally allocating a dedicated account manager who is also available at any time. With WTA, you will never be kept in the dark. We give you 100% transparency, and total access to our team to answer any question, or meet any need.

Express to routine transit, full truckloads and consolidations, door-to-door distribution - WTA Overland Freight can do it all and more. All while meeting your needs, giving you the opportunity to streamline your operations and maximise your profits.

Overland Freight Specialists

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