Personalised Logistics Solution for Marketing Professionals

At WTA Media, we are international logistics specialists. With a global reach and a customer-centric focus, we can help you to deliver your goods safely and in accordance to your timelines - all while streamlining your logistics and enhancing your profitability.


Maximising Sales with Reliable Delivery of Your Essential Materials

Successful marketing campaigns are heavily reliant on the quality of the supporting materials. To give you good return on your investment, it is vital that your campaign's support items are delivered on time, to the correct location and in exemplary condition.

These campaigns are high in complexity, requiring a truly first class solution.

You need a solution that has been completely customised to fit your own particular needs, that is tailor made just for you.

At WTA Media, we handle your goods from start to finish, applying world-class attention to detail, in-depth planning, communication excellence to your logistics, so your materials arrive at their intended destination on schedule, and in premium condition.

WTA Media’s Efficient Delivery Lowers Your Overall Logistics Spend

As part of your completely customised solution, we work tirelessly to ensure that your goods are delivered as efficiently as possible. Through our highly responsive, detail driven and holistic approach to planning, we are able to streamline the transportation of your materials, keeping your overall costs down as a result.

"With the ongoing collaboration of your team we have confidence that literature will be in the right place at the right time and in faultless condition - all vital to the success of our efforts to enhance product image and optimize room occupancy rate"

Global Brand Management at Starwood Hotels and Resorts

You Have Complete Visibility From Start to Finish

The secure delivery of your goods is deeply embedded into our logistic operations. For your peace of mind and convenience, we will give you 24/7 visibility of your goods. More so, we have the ability to give you access to any information you desire, such as the shipping status and performance against any of your Key Performance Indicators.

“Your in depth experience in this field gained with WTA Media is evident in the efficiency of your global logistics processes. On line visibility of transaction status, management reporting and the facility to see supply chain costs in any breakdown we need – from market to individual publication is also of great value in meeting our objectives."

Brave New World - London

Your Global Logistics Service

At WTA Media, our global logistic specialists can give you a fully comprehensive freight service to anywhere in the world. When shipping your valuable marketing materials with WTA Media, we can offer you:

  • Literature and branded consumable distribution
  • Consumer giveaways
    • Including shipment and delivery to point of use
  • Sales campaign support
    • Including literature, samples, in store displays etc.
  • Trade shows and exhibition stands
  • Conference equipment and literature
  • Showroom set up with ongoing replenishment and support

We work side-by-side with you and your business to identify how best to meet your needs. Stopping at nothing to ensure that your materials are delivered on time and in tact, our experts make sure that your supply chain is streamlined in such a way that you will enhance your profit margins.

A Personalised International Logistics Service

To assist in giving your business maximum efficiency, you will be assigned your own personal account manager. Your account manager will personally keep track of your materials, and be available to answer any question, or meet any requirement you might have, from start to finish.

Our logistic specialists can help you to get the results your business needs to succeed. We have a number of different services that can be used in combination to achieve the best return, follow the links below to learn more about them.

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