WTA Control Tower

Taking the guesswork out of your logistical supply chain. 

Would you like to know where your shipments are at any given time or if they are actually going to arrive on time?

WTA Control Tower is a cloud-based platform that will transform the way your logistical supply chain is managed. In a centralised location, you will have visibility, precision and transparency of costs with real-time data analysis. 

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WTA Control Tower
Your Digital Logistics Solution

Take back control of your Logistics

With WTA Control Tower, you can take back the control of your supply shipment tracking, gaining real-time visibility of events and milestones. Not only will you be provided with enhanced technological expertise, business intelligence and digital solutions, but we also have an experienced hands-on team of logistic experts.

WTA Digital Logistics Solution

One Platform That Provides You End-to-End Visibility

WTA Live Tracking

Connecting all suppliers in your supply chain under one platform


Visibility - Track and Trace


Milestone Visibility


Shipment Management


Purchase Order Management


All Documents Uploaded To WTA Control Tower Portal


Shared Access with Shipper / Consignee

Live tracking

Powered by cloud-based technology, driven by logistical experts.

We know that technology alone does not suffice. Human understanding is integral to ensuring a flexible and reliable system. At WTA, your supply-chain logistics will not only be backed by technology, but you will also have a designated supply-chain professional who will be working with you every step of the way.

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Live tracking data logsheet
Real-time insights

Data insights that work to optimise your supply chain.

Within the WTA Control Tower platform, you will have direct access to all your data. Your readily accessible data will provide you real-time insights into your supply chain that can enable cost-savings and efficiencies.

Through our supply chain management service, we are able to unlock hidden values for your business.

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Easy to use

WTA Control Tower provides a single platform solution for your logistical supply chain.

This is a game-changing management system that will allow you to see how your supply chain is performing and enable you to make swift decisions to allow for continuous improvement.

We look after and manage your multi-channel logistics giving you a full picture of your supply chain activity. Our main driver is to deliver you an agile, visible, and cost-effective supply chain by providing strategic and operational insights, so you can focus on the core elements of your business.

WTA Live Tracking
WTA Control Tower: Your 4PL Solution
The Critical Importance of Visibility in Your Logistical Supply Chain

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