WTA Control Tower Your 4PL Solution

Delivering you a proactive supply chain rather than a reactive one.

WTA Control Tower also has the ability to act as your 4PL solution, with the focus being your lead logistics provider, looking after and managing your entire supply chain from start to finish. We provide the supply chain solutions and the neutrality, using best in class service providers so you are able to focus on your core business opportunities. 

WTA Control Tower is a cloud-based platform that provides operational and analytical supply chain solutions. Integrating via EDI/API with your TMS, WMS, ERP system and 3PL providers, plus other software platforms to give you a holistic view of your international supply chain. 

Under WTA Control Tower we become an extension of your team, we look after and manage your multi-channel logistics giving you a granular picture of your supply chain activity. Our main driver is to deliver you an agile, proactive, visible, and cost-effective supply chain by providing strategic and operational insights.

WTA Control Tower not only oversees the transport management side of things but it also analyses vast amounts of data to provide end to end visibility, removing the unexplained costs and inefficiencies out of your supply chain to deliver continuous improvement

Solutions are developed to your exacting requirements avoiding the trap of one system fits all. 

Digital solutions are developed for your bespoke requirements offering, tracking of shipments, real-time visibility of milestones and events. Detailed reports are delivered to provide you with the necessary analysis so you can establish and measure your supply chain performance. Giving you back control when it comes to the transportation of your goods anywhere around the globe.



Control Tower reporting pages

From one platform you can get a completely personalised experience, that will ensure that your supply chain is as agile and as transparent as you need it to be, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


End-To-End Visibility

Visibility across supply chain partners, including suppliers, transportation carriers and third-party warehouse logistics.


Collaborative Information Sharing

Collaborate, communicate and monitor the performance of the supply chain; allowing the full-control and better efficiencies.


Exceptional and Agile Management

Quickly identify, evaluate the impact and resolve supply chain challenges before they disrupt your business.


Advanced Data Analytics

Improve service to customers, minimise delivery delays and increase cost-saving opportunities by consolidating the data of all suppliers under one system.

Enhance Your Profit Margin With WTA's Supply Chain Methodology

With supply chain expenditure regularly making up over 15% - 30% of your delivered product cost, it is vital to have a well-functioning streamlined logistics process.

Every business’s supply chain is different - some straightforward, some high in complexity. What each has in common, however, is their influence over your overall cost and delivery time of your goods.

At WTA, we understand the importance of the effective management of your supply chain. Working hand-in-hand with you, our team of supply chain specialists perform an in-depth analysis of your current supply chain, carefully mapping out your relevant business activities to ensure that we fully understand your operations and objectives.

SCM Presentation

Through our supply chain management service, we are able to unlock hidden values for your business.

By thoroughly investigating your current logistics, we are able to develop a completely personalised solution that will not only streamline your supply chain, but also reduce your overall costs as a result. We remove your administrative burdens, simplifying your structures and tasks by removing any unnecessary activities and improving them through precisely designed logistics.

This frees up your resources, so you can spend your valuable time elsewhere, secure in the knowledge that your supply chain is working at optimal efficiency.

Benefits of a Supply Chain Consultation
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Andrew's mix of operational and commercial experience, it enables him and his team to deliver service excellence to all of his SCM clients. 

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