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Delivering Value-Added Services to the Publishing Industry

When transporting your publishing goods, having total confidence in your provider is a must. You need to know that your items will arrive in pristine condition and by your set deadlines, and that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Our global publishing logistics experts have decades of experience working with the publishing industry. We know that it can be a long and arduous task to identify the best solution for you - so we want to help you simplify it.

At WTA Media, publishing logistics experts. With a global reach and customer-centric focus, we deliver your goods safely and in accordance to your timelines...all while streamlining your supply chain and enhancing your profitability. We know that it can be a long and arduous task to identify the best solution for you - so we want to help you simplify it.Through our bespoke customization of your distribution channels, we can reduce freight costs for publishers like yourself.

Maximising Sales with Reliable Delivery

Together we work with you to ensure that your global sales are being maximised through an efficient supply chain. With our value added services we can bring real benefit to supply chain and significantly reduce costs.

Your publishing supply chain requires a truly first class solution. You need a process that’s tailor-made just for you. 

By applying world-class attention to detail, in-depth planning and communication excellence to your publishing logistics, we ensure your materials arrive at their intended destination on schedule, and as efficiently as possible.

With our dedicated publishing network, Bookfreight, we can give your business access on a global scale. Nowhere is off limits, and you can rest easy with the knowledge that our experience in this area is unparalleled. 



Efficient Delivery to Enhance Profit Margins 

As part of your customised publishing solution, we strive to ensure your goods are delivered as efficiently as possible. Through our highly responsive, detail driven and holistic approach to planning, we are able to streamline the transportation of your materials, keeping your costs down as a result.

Our team also deals with all customs and compliance issues, including tariff classification for novelty items.

Our specialised publishing team has over 65 years of combined experience. WTA Media has also developed strong relationships with many of the top printers in China. Our extensive experience working in the publishing industry and our attention to detail means we know how to deliver the best results for your business.




Complete Visibility From Start to Finish 

The secure delivery of your goods is deeply embedded into our transport operations. For your peace of mind and convenience, we can give you 24/7 visibility of your goods. More so, we have the ability to give you access to any information you desire. This includes the shipping status and performance against any of your Key Performance Indicators.

As a specialist book shipper, we provide value-added logistics for publishers that can help to streamline your processes and overall costs. 

Your Global Freight Service

At WTA Media, our global logistics specialists can give you a fully comprehensive, global delivery service, whether it is to the port or to direct to door. As accredited Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) in the UK, we can give you fast-tracked clearance through trade ports.

Working side-by-side with you, we identify how best to meet your needs, FCL, LCL, Cross Trade, we can handle it for you. We stop at nothing to ensure that your goods delivered on time and intact, and our experts make sure that your supply chain operates at peak effectiveness to enhance your profit margins. We will discuss various options for incoterms and decreasing book miles. We know you want your books to arrive in pristine condition and at WTA we ensure that books only ever ride with books on our dedicated consolidation service. 

Our Supply Chain Audit service is free of charge, and it can result in huge benefits for your business. It's 100% confidential to ensure, and we are always happy to sign a NDA to confirm that. Contact Martin Watts today to find out more.

Working with WTA has made the job of freighting our books to the USA extremely efficient, simple and cost-effective. The staff at WTA are extremely

Working with WTA has made the job of freighting our books to the USA extremely efficient, simple and cost-effective. The staff at WTA are extremely helpful and knowledgable, which makes working with them a real pleasure. I would recommend WTA for freight export and import wholeheartedly.
globe out

Printing and Publishing

Personalised and Dedicated Logistics

Personalised and Dedicated Logistics for the Publishing and Printing Industries 

To give you a first-class customer experience, you will have your own account manager. They will personally keep track of your materials, and be available to answer any question or meet any requirement you might have, from start to finish.

Our international supply chain specialists can help you to get the results your business needs to succeed. We have many different services that can be used in combination to achieve the best return, follow the links below to learn more about them.

Discover Optimised Freight for Book Distributors and Publishers

We understand that getting your freshly printed books delivered on time and on budget to their intended destination is of paramount importance. However, with so many stops between point A and B, it is vital that you have a tailored, reliable logistics solution.

At WTA Media, we offer All Party Freight Consolidation to help you streamline your shipment. Discover more about this specialist service here.

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Cost-effective delivery of your Book Advances

Don't let the cost of your book advances spiral out of control. We appreciate that book advances are critical for the promotion of your latest bestseller, but you don't need to accept the high costs just because you need to ship them by air. 

  • Direct shipments take 7 days anywhere in the world
  • Proof of delivery

We are very competitively priced – saving you up to 300 % compared to major couriers.