Exports To China

The growth opportunities for UK food and drink companies looking to export in 2022 and beyond is immense, no more so than China.

UK food and drink exports to China grew 12.5% in 2021 and are now valued at £802.8M.
For the last decade or so China has seen significant increases in per capita income and demand for quintessentially British foods continues at a pace.
Barriers in exporting to China. 
Whilst the export figures from the UK to China are certainly very impressive there are significant obstacles to contend with when considering exporting to China. 
There are strict government guidelines that must be adhered to before any UK food products can be sold, samples need to be sent to be tested and approved by the Quarantine Bureau. 
Areas of complexity to consider:
  • Documents – variation in the documentation required for different types of foods for customs & CIQ declaration.
  • Regional differences – different ports of entry, whether sea or air, have different procedures and understandings of the regulations. This leads to to difficulties in preparing import documents.
  • Labelling - All food products must be labeled with simplified Chinese, which must have accurate information to comply with the national standard.
Providing you with a one-stop-shop that can assist with overcoming the complexities of exporting food products to China
Delivering a full supply chain solution with all the necessary logistical services are integrated into one solution. From bonded warehousing to customs procedures to labelling we have you covered. 
Valued added services
Professional compliance consultation services, including, basic standard interpretation, import admission policy, Chinese label consultation, formulation adjustment, product technical standard and intellectual protection are just some of the value-added services we can provide.
We possess comprehensive expertise in customs, commodity and quarantine inspection. Rules and regulations from various government-related organizations, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Commerce, form a central part of our processes. Full compliance review services include:
  • Chinese label verification
  • HS Code justification
  • Product entry approval
  • Organic certification
  • Genetic certification
  • Health certification
  • Other import certification required for food products into China
  • Import license application
  • Intellectual property related application and protection
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