Taking a Fresh approach to your Food Supply Chain 

The food and drink exports market is thriving; it continues to grow year on year. In 2017 UK exports exceeded the £22 billion mark. 

As the food export market continues to grow, WTA Food wants to make sure that you are also achieving growth in your food distribution and meeting the demands of your customers, but with significant growth comes potential issues that need to be addressed otherwise costs will escalate.

Exporting food from Europe to any corner of the globe is a complex process. It is not just about offering a logistics service or freight rates from point A to point B, but your entire supply chain from rates, to customs, to warehousing, to landed costs. There are several areas of the supply chain that can be left very vulnerable if not analysed and supported, such as on-time deliveries and compliance issues. Looking at A-Z is where the value is created. Get the supply chain structure right and you will not only see efficiencies but overall Supply Chain costs significantly reduced to the tune of up to 35% on a year by year basis. 

Each Food and Drink Supply Chain is Unique

There is no one solution that fits all requirements.

Flexibility and tailor made solutions allow for a supply chain to be developed to your own bespoke requirements and will certainly bring about real value added savings to your overall costs. Working side by side with you, we develop a comprehensive solution, working with an extensive base of Best in Class providers from start to finish.

Why we utilise Best In Class providers for your valued food goods?

The chance of finding a provider that can deliver a one stop solution for your food and drink supply chain is near on impossible. If this is what you are currently being offered it is likely that your supply chain is having to fit around your providers own assets.

As a non asset based company we deliver processes that are solely specific to your supply chain. We utilise Best in Class providers across the globe who will deliver your goods on-time and in pristine condition.

Maximising the shelf life of Your Goods

Ensuring your food goods arrive in accordance to your timelines and in its original condition is of vital importance to us. Through our 4 Step SCM approach, we conduct in-depth analysis of your global Food and drink supply chain.

During this consultation phase we identify the areas where you are undertaking unnecessary costs and also address any food and drink distribution challenges you could be experiencing that are causing the ongoing delays of your food goods.

Supply Chain Management

Why Change Providers?

There are always many concerns that need to be addressed when considering changing suppliers, especially when it comes to your global food distribution

  • Will you have the customer service you require?
  • Will you have complete visibility of your supply chain?
  • Will any issues within your supply chain be dealt quickly enough?

These are just some of questions that you might have?

You and your business’ needs are completely unique. As such, you need a solution that is fully customised to meet your individual requirements.

Why WTA Food?

We want to challenge the status quo and provide a solution that is unique to your food distribution requirements. With our in-house supply chain software, we deliver full visibility and a complete breakdown of costs down to the finest of details, such as the cost to deliver a singular food item from the UK to any location around the world

Being a non asset based company we are able to offer flexibility and can adapt to changing situations. Experiencing rapid growth in your food exports, we can support and deliver on this. We are tried and tested. View our case study to see how what we achieved for a major food manufacturer.

Case Studies

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WTA Food is proud to be a member of the Food and Drink Exporters Association, FDEA 

Brexit and your food supply chain. 

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the implications of a no deal, the FDEA have published some very informative documents, click here for more information.