Food Supply Chain Management

Delivering visibility in your food supply chain

When exporting your food products, it is imperative that your supply chain is fit for purpose. Over 85% of supply chains are not specifically designed for present use. Too often transactions are at break-even or are unprofitable when true logistics costs are applied. 

Globalisation continues to create many opportunities, but also significant risks which can have a large impact on your food supply chain. With new legislation and security measures being applied all the time it means that your supply lines become increasingly complex. If not managed properly it can bring excess costs to your business and perhaps that of your customer.

How do you ensure that your supply chain is fit for purpose?

When forging new or developing existing trade lanes for your food products, it is essential that your food supply chain is efficient, visible and cost-effective. Too often, there are many flaws and inefficiencies. They are often loss-making due to:

  • A narrow view of cost management
  • High inventory and warehousing costs
  • Escalating regulatory compliance directives
  • Complex customs and duty legislation 
  • The use of multiple carriers and brokers
  • Inconsistent services and lead times

These are just a few examples that can have a detrimental effect on your supply chain. The last thing you want is an inefficient supply chain costing you money.

Taking a holistic approach; it is not just about the transportation costs from A to B, it is looking at your supply chain logistical costs. This is where the real savings can be applied and ensure that your food supply chain is fit for purpose.

In partnership with you, we bring all the supply chain logistic disciplines into focus, delivering real cost-saving solutions through our four-step process for improvement.

WTA Food Supply ManagementOur four-step process prioritises minimal disruption and time investment from your side. We implement fast, effective feedback. There is no cost to you, with a non-disclosure Agreement signed there is zero risk, but the potential rewards could have a huge impact on your top-line growth. Our 4PL approach enables us to offer and deliver optimum solutions.

Our best in class approach enables us to offer and deliver solutions that are specific to your food supply chain, ensuring that you have route optimisation for your food product delivered on time and in perfect condition.

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