Sea Air Freight Service

A Sea Air Freight service can provide you with a great alternative to either sea freight or air freight.


Depending on your requirements for transporting goods out of China to the UK a multi-modal freight management approach combining a Sea Air Freight service can provide the best of both worlds. 

Sea freight transit times are sometimes considered to take too long, whilst air freight can be seen as a very expensive way of shipping to the UK.

The benefits of a Sea Air Freight service for your business

  • Using the Sea Air service can significantly reduce your costs by up to 30% if you are shipping by air 

  • Sea Air service can be 50% quicker than sea freight. 

  • Your CO2 footprint would be reduced if you were previously shipping your product by air. 

Plus, it can also help avoid seasonal congestion on the Asia/Europe route. 

How the service operates

We can ship from multiple locations across China, including Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Your goods will go by sea freight first to the port of Dubai.

Once the goods arrive in Dubai they can be immediately transferred to a UK bound flight with a transit time between 8-12 hours. 

You are looking at a transit time of around 22-25 days, depending on whether you are shipping from North or South China. 


Concerned about the visibility of your product when using two modes of transport?

When using different modes of transport within your logistical supply chain, it can be concerning that you might lose visibility, especially with the transfer from the port in Dubai to the airport in Dubai.

Working with you, we would provide you with full visibility using our WTA Control Tower product. For ease of using multi-modal transport you sea air shipments can move under one Bill of Lading.

Learn more about WTA Control Tower

Take these factors into considerations before using a Sea Air service

Prior to taking advantage of a Sea Air service, it is important to consider the following:

  • Are you shipping dangerous goods? You need to make sure that your product can safely be transported by both sea and air. 
  • How much are you shipping? If your product needs to go into a 40ft high cube container, that is going to be very time consuming to unpack and split the product into Unit Load Devices. 

N.B Please note with the current trading conditions and the COVID Pandemic it is very important that you consult with your WTA UK contact. There could be variations to this service, especially the transit times during this period.  

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