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In a world where time means money, it is vital that you are able to transport your goods efficiently, with full visibility and at the right price.

For those with very tight deadlines or are needing speedy delivery, for example, online retailers with a “next-day delivery” guarantee, air freight is an advantageous freighting option.

At WTA, we are AEO accredited international logistics experts and offer a wide range of services to cover your needs. We get your product to wherever it needs to be with the least fuss and full visibility utilising WTA Control Tower, which provides you with data-driven solutions, all while streamlining your processes to increase your profit margins. As part of this premium personalised service, we can offer you a specialist air freight service for the delivery of your goods.

Far faster than delivery by sea, air freight can make the difference to your business.

We know that some of the current pain points for our customers include:

  1. Rates
  2. Securing space
  3. Schedules and reliability

To help you have a seamless air freight experience and work through this ever-changing market, our account managers will help create a plan that is suitable for your requirements including providing solutions for peak period or supply chain disruptions. 

Some of the key features of our air freight logistics include:

  • Door-to-Door / Door-to-Airport service
  • Full-Scale projects
  • Dangerous goods
  • Best-in-class network of air freight carriers

WTA is able to handle export and import consignments, along with cross trade movements around the world. 



We Give You a Premium Air Freight Solution, 100% Tailored for You

Your supply chain is completely unique, and as such requires an equally unique solution. We will work hand-in-hand with you to ascertain as much information about your supply chain as we can, developing processes that will best meet your needs. We look at your goods and the frequency of delivery and be it a one-off delivery or several a week, we will accommodate all your requirements. Our air freight account managers have extensive relationships with the carriers enabling them to make informed and detailed suggestions for your air freight supply chain. 

Our processes and services at WTA are designed to meet every one of your operational requirements.

From warehousing your goods before shipping to couriering them to their final destination, your tailored Air Freight solution will envelop all your time-sensitive needs from start to finish.

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We have flexible air freight rates to match your requirements.

These include various options such as:

WTA - Air Freight Rates

Plus, WTA UK can offer a full range of courier services and pricing.

We Give You Global Access

Along with our own international reach, WTA has trusted and quality assured partners all around the globe. Our value-added partners are the best-in-class carriers and give you the ability to air freight your goods anywhere in the world. Our global network means that your business won’t be held back from its full potential. If you need to fly your goods to a particular location, the international air freight specialists at WTA will get it there.

Our Air Freight Service Gives You Timely and Secure Delivery

The safe and timely delivery of your goods is of paramount importance to your business. Our global air freight specialists undergo a series of in-depth planning and execution processes to ensure that your supply chain is working at peak efficiency. This way, we are able to reduce any unnecessary delays in the delivery of your goods.

We handle your regulatory, customs and compliance issues, using our expertise to ensure that everything is completed correctly and in place.

This also helps us to further cut any delays in your air freight process. This is especially important if you are delivering your goods overseas, or to a specific deadline.

We take extreme care with your goods, giving you 24/7 access and visibility at all times. Working with quality assured security partners, we can give your products that extra level of security. Your goods will not only be delivered to meet your timeframes, but they will also be delivered safely and in good condition.


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"Floataway ships its products around the world and has been doing so for the past 20 years. Each of our shipments is the size of a small car and weighs over a tonne. I've only just recently discovered WTA Group after being let down by another shipping company with whom I will no longer be working with.

I always ask for 3 quotes from 3 different shipping companies and go with the cheapest quote. So far, I have booked 2 shipments with WTA and both times, I received an immediate response and on both occasions, their quote was better than that of the other 2 companies.

I am impressed by their quick, friendly service and will continue to request a quote from WTA for all my future shipping needs."

5 Ways to Save Money with Air Freight

Achieving on-time delivery, in perfect condition worldwide is a big challenge. It requires detailed planning, experience and a total understanding of customs regulations.

Hear what our National Air and Projects Manager, Dean Levey, has to say about saving money with Air Freight.

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We strive to give you a solution that not only meets your transportation needs but also streamlines and enhances your business operations for the greatest profit.

If you would like to learn more about how we can transform your supply chain into a beacon of efficiency, contact Dean Levey, National Air & Projects Manager.

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