WTA Food Celebrate Success, Loyalty, Commitment With a Promotion

WTA UK is thrilled to announce that Samantha Mitchell has been promoted to Associate Director of WTA Food. Samantha has been part of the WTA UK family for over 18 years now and has seen unbridled growth in her career.

Samantha is a significant stalwart of the WTA UK leadership team, and we look forward to seeing how Samantha continues to develop and grow WTA Food. 

In this blog, we outline how Samantha's career has flourished. Including her expectations for the continued growth of WTA Food. Samantha also shares the trends she is seeing in the food market in general and, most importantly, how her extensive knowledge of food imports and exports has helped our food clients expand their product offerings abroad. 

The beginnings

In 2003, the journey of growth began, becoming skilled in all areas of logistics, from deep-sea exports to Air Freight. The multi-modal experience not only stood Samantha in good stead, but it also gave her great insights into customer service and looking at how to exceed client expectations. 

The food journey

Around 2013 WTA UK began building up a portfolio of Food accounts that quickly evolved into food supply chain accounts, and Samantha was an integral part of the WTA Food journey. Working with food manufacturers to help build up and create efficient global supply chains. 

Samantha's continuous goal for WTA Food is to provide a customer-centric supply chain strategy that will ensure that our client's global exports continue to scale at a pace that matches their expectations of export success.

Since joining the team, Samantha has seen an expediential growth in food exports around the globe, but what was once seen as perhaps a trend, Vegan foods, is now seen as the new norm for food exports. People are looking for sustainable meat alternatives. 

The complexities of Food Logistics 

Exporting or importing Food products or Ingredients is a highly complicated process. The care and attention to detail required are extreme, as people will consume the product. Since the beginning of WTA Foods inception, Samantha has loved dealing with the complexity of food logistics and has formed extremely close business partnerships with leading UK food manufacturers. 

"One of the vital components of my role is to speak the same language as the food manufacturers, to understand their terminology and to break down the freight terminology so that everyone is on the same page."

Samantha Mitchell

One-stop-shop for complex food supply chains

Samantha works with some of the largest food manufacturers in the UK. Over the years, she has provided specialist supply chain services, going beyond a 4PL approach. Samantha and her team have done everything from managing warehouses in Canada or the USA on behalf of clients, to actioning product recalls or even arranging product sample testing.

"We understand the complexities from a food manufacturer's perspective, we are happy to spend time on-site with the client, to understand how we can really create efficiencies in the supply chain. For me, it is about creating a proactive supply chain, rather than a reactive one."


For Samantha and her team, going beyond what might usually be expected of a Freight Forwarder allows clients to build trust and enable confidence to continue expanding the food product and taking it to new markets. 




 Congratulations on your promotion Samantha

Congratulations once again on your promotion Samantha. Of course, we are very biased at WTA Group, and we all think you do a fantastic job, but don't just take our word for it.


Check out what Lorenzo Triolo, Director, Operations and Finance Director, Meatless Farm, had to say:

"Samantha is such an integral part of Meatless farm and one of the few people I know I can count on anytime.

She's helped me set up inbound and outbound distribution in both the US and Canada in the most helpful, clear and constructive way.

She's literally ALWAYS available, and by that, I mean 24/7. Whether she's on vacation or it's 12 am where she is, and even though I beg her to get off the phone, she will still log onto her laptop and fix whatever issue it is we're having.

She's very involved in every aspect of our inbound and outbound distribution. She is ready to solve whatever problem comes up seamlessly and efficiently. 

Samantha is a rare find, and we are fortunate to have her on board.

Cheers to many many more years of collaborating."

Lorenzo Triolo, Vice President, Meatless Farm


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