WTA Group reaffirms its commitment to staff welfare with annual 25-year club lunch

WTA Group reaffirms its commitment to staff welfare with annual 25-year club lunch

Posted: June 6, 2022

At WTA Group we are proud to put our people’s welfare at the centre of the company. Service is a key part of our unique selling point, and we can’t expect to provide that for customers if we don’t for our people.

As you can imagine then, the WTA Group workforce enjoy a wealth of benefits alongside their employment; competitive pay, emphasis on progression, flexible working, company socials, cycle to work scheme and much more. All with the aim of creating a happy atmosphere and superior quality of service.

But our most loyal members of WTA Group enjoy a few extra perks. These are things like private healthcare for their entire family and more paid holiday days. The hardest benefit to achieve though, is lifetime membership of the 25-year club. To access such an esteemed club, as you can likely deduce, a person must have worked for WTA Group for 25 years.

Once a member of the club, people receive gifts and are invited to an annual 3 course lunch at a luxury venue, to thank them for quarter of a century’s work (or more!).

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Sommer Holdings set up the 25-year club lunch many years ago, to celebrate all the hard work and efforts of our people who have been with either WTA Group or Channel Ports for 25 years or more.

It is always wonderful to catch up with familiar faces and to welcome new members once a year at The Ivy. 

Charles and Paul Sommer

2022’s annual luncheon took place this month in The Ivy, London, following a couple of years disruption (for obvious reasons). The atmosphere in the room was glowing, with so many friendly faces reconnecting after a challenging time apart.

At this years’ lunch we welcomed IT Manager Anthony Bour to the club, who is currently spearheading our digital drive with WTA Control Tower. Our cloud-based tool providing our clients with end-to-end visibility and data analysis which was previously impossible.

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We’re honoured that our 25-year club boasts 47 members, a testament to the emphasis placed on people at WTA. More members will be joining in the coming years too, 15% of our current workforce have over 15 years at the company. It is a point of real pride for us, in an industry defined by high labour turnover.

Working for WTA

Doing right by our staff forms just one part of our extensive Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. Learn more about our progressive steps below, covering four separate areas of CSR:

WTA Group Corporate Social Responsibility

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